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Trailer Î Ten Things I Love About You PDF by Û Julia Quinn Definitely the best of the Bevelstoke books Perhaps my favorite JQ Sebastian and Annabel havepassion than Quinn s usual characters What a breath of fresh air So incredibly romantic, without too much angst Just a beautifully charming, sexy, funny story I couldn t ask forThe plot had no wild murders, blackmail or misunderstandings The tension for the characters was actually realistic, and flowed perfeclty Sebastian is currently my favorite HR hero subject to frequent change He s not even an Alpha Actually, he s a little like my own hubby to be, so maybe that s why I love him so much The Grandmother was an absolutely unpredictable hoot I think she might beinteresting than Mrs Davenport From It s In His Kiss I loved Annabel s cousin, and Sebastion s cousins added much to the charm of the book However, my favorite supporting character was Sebastion s writing I have loved those crazy books since early in the Bridgerton series It was such a great happy part of this book as well Overall, this is the best happy book that I can think of Ms Quinn impresses me a littleevery time.
I generally really like Julia Quinn but something was off about this story as well as the whole Bevelstoke series when all was said and done It s an okay read but when you know how great Quinn can be you re sort of disappointed that it s not as good as some of her Bridgerton novels for example What I enjoy about Quinn s stories is that you have what appears to be a light regency style romance but there s a seriousness underneath it all which you don t get here This book is much bawdier than anything else I ve read by her, almost like she was trying too hard and it bordered on the silly.
The series continues on with Sebastian Grey who you meet in book two What Happens in London Sebastian is a devil may care kind of hero whose character reminded me of the stereotypical campy gay guy which I didn t particularly like for someone who s supposed to be a rakish alpha He adored women, there was no ambiguity there, but it was the way he spoke and how he went about life that I didn t really like Sort of like one of those guys tsk tsking away and going around saying things like oh pshaw dear Nothing seemed to bother him so it was hard to get a good feel for his character He was too light Sebastian ends up falling for Annabel Winslow Annabel has to marry quickly in order to support her family her dad kicked the bucket and they re destined for the poor house if she doesn t find a Daddy Warbucks pronto Her grandparents take it upon themselves to find her a husband and think they found the perfect man in the very gross Earl of Newbury This geezer is the king of pervs He wants a wife who can pop out an heir asap so he s checking out prospective brides in terms of their hip size, boobs and how many brothers and sisters she has It s all very horse breeder like and though Quinn presents it at first as funny it was a bit much and seemed un regency like So the h h meet by accident one night and then later they cross paths again and exchange a few light jabs making the reader think it might turn out to be a battle of words as the story goes on but it doesn t really happen Then there are the grandparents who are well drawn characters if totally detestable Yucky people there especially the grandmother whose crass talk and attitude again added to the non regency vibe.
Anabelle is also a list maker which is where the title comes from The 1 to 10 lists are sometimes funny but it gets old fast and seems forced at times The whole story is sort of like that, it s ok but it doesn t really hold your attention Even the steam is barely there and once you get to it you re not really all that interested any There s an interesting secret that s revealed that added to the fun but again after awhile it just got boring.
So it s not Quinn s best and I hope she hasn t lost her touch but this read was just meh ish and felt like she was trying too hard sometimes to make it all work.
Annabel Winslow Is In A Pickle Having Newly Arrived In London For Her First Season And Being In Possession Of A Voluptuous Figure, Is Being Openly Courted The The Earl Of Newbury, Who Is At LeastAnd A Nasty Brute To Boot Annabel Does Not Want To Marry Him, Of Course, But Feels That She Has No Choice Since Her Father Has Recently Died And Left The Whole Family, Including Annabel S Mother And HerSiblings, Almost Destitute Then, While Attending A Party In The Countryside, Annabel Met Sebastian Grey, The Earl Of Newbury S Nephew And Suddenly She Found Herself Not Only Courted By The Lecherous Uncle, But Also The Charming Young Nephew Should She Follow Her Heart So That She Can Be With The One She Loves, Or Should She Marry The Loathsome Earl Just So She Can Put Food On The Table For Her Family And Make Sure That Her Brothers Get To Stay In School Ten Things I Learned in This Book 1 Annabel s family was poor2 Annabel loved her familySO3 Annabel had to marry rich to save her family.
4 The Earl of Newbury was richBUT5 Annabel detested the Earl of Newbury.
NEVERTHELESS6 Annabel s Grandmother ordered her to marry the EarlEVEN THOUGH7 Annabel was happier with SebastianWHO8 was a handsome rogue with a great secret from everyone except the reader ,AND WHO9 discovered that he feltthan lust for AnnabelAND THEREFORE10 did what he had to do to keep Annabel from marrying the dukeSO THAT Oops That s already ten things, so you ll have to read the book to find out what comes next Sometimes I give 4 stars to books for no reason at all It just means that the story is very good, but for some reason it lacked that special something that would turn it into a 5 star read And I guess that s what s called personal taste But I always have a reason for 3 star ratings Always.
Except this time I don t The hero is wonderful He s exactly my type of hero Even the heroine is okay Nothing stands out about her and she is a bit indifferent, IMO, but she s definitely not bad or annoying So why the 3 star rating I have no idea Something was off about this book and I know that, try as I might, I couldn t enjoy it And believe me, I did try.
The writing style is typical Julia Quinn, the banter is witty and funny as always I really can t put my finger on what went wrong Maybe it was the short time span this book covered everything happened in a littlethan a week that failed to convince me this is a great love story.
In all honesty, this is my least favourite JQ up to date, but having no idea how to explain why, I m convinced this is a case of it s not you, it s me Considering that this is most people s favourite in the series, please feel free to ignore me and read it anyway I m quite sure you re going to like it much better than I did.
What can I say This book was absolutely adorable Sebastian Gray is one of the most lovable heroes in Romancelandia I suppose he could be described as a tortured hero , but unlike others who are labeled as such, Seb prescribes to the when life deals you lemonsmake lemonade theory and therefore is always positive and upbeat He is honest, forthright, loyal to family and friends, and his manners are impeccable He is also so damn handsome and virile he is in constant demand by the young matrons of the ton His relationship with Annabelle begins when they meet quite by accident in a moonlit garden Seb is amused by Annabelle s candidness and happily gives her a kiss when she requests one Annabelle, resigned to the sad fact that she must heed to familial duty and marry a lecherous old man for his title money, figures she has nothing to lose when she hits Seb up for a kiss And WOW what a kiss to remember as they both take their leavenever expecting to see one another again Of course the plot thickens and the H h are thrown together for the rest of the book to enjoy several madcap escapades But their love for each other develops slowlynaturallyand is a pleasure to be part of I do wish they would ve had sex somewhere along the way, but I suppose abstinence stayed in check with Seb s respect for Annabelle.
4 1 2 JQ s humor still seems a little forced but IMO this is her best book to date Recommended to readers who enjoy sweet, fluffy romances with the beloved Epilogue so necessary for a perfect HEA Very ho hum 2 stars.
Boring heroine.
Boring romance.
Cute ending, but the part that leads up to is weird I don t like when authors use rape attempts on the heroine in romances Like, really can we not I mean I like that she was going to fight him but then, her grandma and lover come into the room and everything becomes rather flippant and humorous Humor after a rape attempt scene, especially when the rapist is still in the room Doesn t seem right.
Also, this book seems to focus too much on the other guy villain than building on the actual romance in the book In addition, the heroine seems to have poor characterization She is the eldest child of a huge family, so her grandparents are trying to force her into marrying the villain OK so mind vs heart situation here And she has big breasts and she tells the hero that she used to compete with her brothers in random competitions OK A bit too much emphasis on the breasts throughout the book, but OK But what else about her I feel like there s a lot of telling and not showing on WHO she is I can t seem to relate to her or admire her She s neither likable or unlikable I wanted to get a better sense of who she is or get another layer to her because I want a protagonist who makes me feel SOMETHING This heroine is honestly bland.
Overall, definitely not my favorite Julia Quinn book Things that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Happy satisfying ending view spoiler Yes, cute epilogue hide spoiler

Hac a mucho, mucho, mucho tiempo que no le a a Julia Quinn No s por qu dej exactamente de leerla, creo que un libro me dej indiferente y por eso la aparqu o quiz se me fue de la cabeza La cuesti n es que el otro d a una gran amiga me habl de ella y tuve unas ganas tremendas de retomarla Eleg esta novela porque el t tulo me encant y porque tiene el mejor booktrailer que he visto nunca Ten Things I Love About You me ha gustado mucho, me ha parecido una novela en principio sencilla pero repleta de di logos absolutamente brillantes El protagonista me ha fascinado, Sebastian tiene muchas capas y, bueno, los protagonistas imperfectos siempre han sido y ser n mi debilidad.
En cuanto a Annabel, me ha parecido un gran protagonista, es lista y rom ntica y utiliza tanto la cabeza como el coraz n, he conseguido entenderla y respetarla Las escenas entre ellos dos son fant sticas y la declaraci n de amor del ltimo cap tulo es de las mejores que he le do en hist rica en mucho tiempo Me alegro much simo de haberme reencontrado con Julia Quinn y voy a recuperar todos los libros que me he perdido en este tiempo sin duda por culpa m a y no de ella.
Hum, should I list the 10 things I liked about this book, or the 10 things I didn t like As a compromise, I will list 5 of each.
Liked 1 The Hero, Sebastian, was a rake I m a sucker for a rake.
2 The heroine has a great sense of humor and laughs out loud Not in a lady like way I love when someone snort laughs It makes me laugh so much harder.
3 The hero writes books that are ridiculous One of his characters is killed by a pigeon.
4 The love story is cute and awwwww worthy.
5 The grandma, although she starts out pretty shaky, turns into my favorite person by the end.
Didn t like 1 The Earl of Newbury, who wants to marry our heroine, is a disgusting lech and he gets away with a lot of crap.
2 The grandma and grandfather start off pretty horribly They are determined to marry off their granddaughter to the Earl of Jabba When she has the nerve to talk to our hero at the opera, they act like she has ruined herself.
3 There is a lot of rumination by both characters Over thinking is bad enough in real life, I don t want to read about someone else s crazy, endless thoughts.
4 Our heroine was continuing her course towards marriage to the Duke of Jabba long after he practically rapes her in a hallway Some might call it selflessness I called it stupidity.
5 THE STUPID EARL OF JABBA DOESN T DIE Still, overall, a good story.
This was such a sweet story, that is was a candy I ask in my best Oliver Twist voice May I have someI didn t want this book to end Sebastian Grey, Sebastian Grey I adored Sebastian Grey whom stole the show in What Happens in London, and to say I was eagerly awaiting his book would be an understatement.
But, like other readers hoping for a book and it turns out really bad, I kept myself in check Thankfully, I didn t have to, as 10 things I Love About You was everything I hoped it be From the first page, JQ throws out a lot of surprises and the tempo of the book never wavers Always up to beat and making the reader feel like it s short, but this book just read fast for me, with each scene leading the reader wanting to know what will happen next Sebastian Grey is still his easy going self, but behind his social mask, we start to see a man haunted by war and a poet who loves to see the colors of life Sebastian just got better and better, he was funny but also could be pretty smooth when it came to getting out of some tight fixes He also very protective of those he cared and love, going to lengths he didn t know he had in him I can t say enough wonderful things about Sebastian, only by the end up of the book, he became one of my all time fave JQ heroes Annabel Winslow is like a fish out of water, dealing with life in London, everything to her is new, but also very annoying with people talking in riddles or not saying what they really mean Plus, having the Earl of Newbury after her because she comes from a family of eight and has wide childbearing hips, plus is as old as her grandfather Annabel is in a fix though, after her father s death, her family is headed to the poor house, unless she marries someone rich But when she crosses paths the Sebastian she finds a kindred sprit in him and she him Annabel was a straight forward person, not one to sit still, Annabel has duty and her heart to deal with Plus dealing with uncle and nephewAnnabel has her work cut out for her I liked Annabel, although I felt she took her sweet time telling the Earl to back off, I think we all have moments where a light goes off and we listen to our gut and heart to chose what we want and our own happiness, this is what Annabel does and thankfully in just in the nick of time In WHIL, I felt the ending had a sort of filler, no such thing in 10things, everything was smooth going and even the villain gets his, and not in the way we think either Irony There may be a few things that readers may wonder about, such as how Sebastian got over his troubles so quickly, I felt that this was the first step in his healing Sometimes just having someone to truly talk to about your troubles, is a burden off your shoulders and with Annabel, Sebastian felt he could finally get some weight off his chest Sebastian also made Annabel comfortable in her own body, always seen as a woman with big hips and boobs, Sebastian loves her for her, and she starts to love herself and her body as well With cameo appearance of some older characters and some new characters, am hoping that Edward Valentine gets his own book soon Overall fluffy, and a very sweet romance with two people finding one another and helping one another get over their tough hurdles in life and finding love This book will having you smiling from the first page to the last page