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[Miranda Kenneally] æ Stealing Parker [martial-artist PDF] Read Online ↠´ Red Hot Author Miranda Kenneally Hits One Out Of The Park In This Return To Catching Jordan S Hundred Oaks HighParker Shelton Pretty Much Has The Perfect Life She S On Her Way To Becoming Valedictorian At Hundred Oaks High, She S Made The All Star Softball Team, And She Has Plenty Of Friends Then Her Mother S Scandal Rocks Their Small Town And Suddenly No One Will Talk To HerNow Parker Wants A New LifeSo She Quits Softball Drops Twenty Pounds And She Figures Why Kiss One Guy When She Can Kiss Three Or Four Why Limit Herself To High School Boys When The Majorly Cute New Baseball Coach Seems Especially Flirty But How Far Is Too Far Before She Loses Herself Completely Parker Shelton used to love softball, until her mother shocks everyone and leaves her father for another woman Parker deals with an immense amount of fallout from her religious community and friends She becomes a social pariah in her town but when her mom leaves she makes sure everyone is clear of one thing Parker likes boys and is definitely not a lesbian like her mother Even if her reputation suffers from it and people thinks she is easy , she would rather have that then have people think she is a butch, softball playing lesbian.
But she misses the sport, so when her best friend Drew asks her to manage the statistics for the guys team she agrees She soon meets the new intern coach, Brian, who Parker falls for even though he is six years older than her Brian started off okay but soon progressed into creepy territory, especially with their late night meetings in his truck I personally feel like he was definitely taking advantage of her and never had any serious feelings for her at all beyond trying to get into her pants Oh, and also live out his high school dayssome of things he said made him seem like a complete loser.
Luckily there is another love interest in the novel that made the whole thing worthwhile.
Parker is a very endearing character Even when she is making obvious mistakes you can t help but love her She single handedly made me enjoy this novel There were a few tear jerking moments for me and I think Kenneally did an excellent job of tackling difficult issues like betrayal, family, friendship, coming out, and religion The evolving relationship with her mother was really well done and the most interesting aspect to me, well besides the romance The biggest downfall was this book was way too religious heavy for me I guess I ll be honest and say that it sort of fit my stereotype of how I view a lot of religious people so it didn t necessarily ruin the book for mebut I could have done without it It was interesting to see Parker s perspective, and her confusion on why things happened the way they did but I was totally lost when she would have inner battles with her personal relationship with God something I can t relate to at all.
I think most people can relate to that feeling of everything going wrong when you finally figure out what you actually want I only wish we got a bitof a HEA because the romance was a bit rushed at the end So besides that, and the religious aspect, it was still a very good novel and I am looking forward to continuing the series Featherbrained books Blog Twitter I bought three Miranda Kenneally books namely, Stealing Parker, Things I Can t Forget and Catching Jordan I honestly had no idea all these books are part of a series called Hundred Oaks and that I should have read Catching Jordan first I just went through GR average ratings and decided to read that which has the lowest average Lol Anyway, onto the review I think the plot and themes have muchsubstance than what one would expect of a contemporary romance book if only the execution of the entire thing weren t so sorry about the term meh ish I know I could be immature sometimes or okay, a lot of times but these characters, almost every single one of them are just plain childish I couldn t find any connection with any of the mostly paper characters who are flat and predictable Thankfully, the plot allowed for some development for the major character although in the end, it still felt like an instant happy ending without proper resolutions for several of the major conflicts in the story.
I probably would have enjoyed it better especially because of the sports element but since the entire narrative is blanketed by religious subtexts, I was constantly annoyed because it came across too heavy and at times quite inappropriate and stereotypical Honestly, I was battling with myself on ditching the book as early as 35 or so pages because of those glaring moralistic issues tackled head on chapter after chapter Whatever happened with graceful subtleties But just the same, the story still aimed to inspire and leave learning lessons in life and yes, it was quite entertaining so that has got to count for something.

Catching Jordan was one of my favourite books of last year, so when I heard of another novel by Miranda I had really high hopes for it, especially after learning that it was a companion to Jordan different characters but the same setting I was happy to find another incredibly sweet, heartfelt romance in Stealing Parker, with characters that are just as charismatic, and a story that keeps you up for just onechapter With Jordan, we were thrown into the word of Football, and now with Parker, it s baseball Sports are a big player in Miranda s novels, and as someone who has never been much into sports, I was surprised by how much I enjoy it in books, or at least in Miranda s books We get characters who develop deeply rooted friendships from being on sports teams together, this gives us a great mix of personalities, amusing banter, and all with a girl who can become one of the boys as much as any other The characters are, as expected, a great part of this novel, we have Parker who is a very well rounded protagonist with a fun, down to earth attitude She s incredibly smart, she s well spoken, but she has had a few issues since her mom left them To prove she s not a lesbian like her mother, Parker becomes a bit boy friendly Then enters Brian, baseball coach, completely gorgeous, but he s 6 years older While it s not a huge difference, the age gap does put a damper on their relationship since they have to keep it in the down low And like all things forbidden, it instantly draws you in you can t help but feel a rush from the constant risk of being found out But we can t forget the best friend now, can we Drew is Parker s best and closest friend, he always has her back and will always be on her side, then you have to wonder is thereto this friendship And what about Corndog Yep Corndog He seems to live to annoy, but we get glimpses of his often hidden charm This is what I love about these books, you can never tell who the main character will end up with, and, likewise, who you ll be hoping she ends up with Romance is the heart and soul of Miranda s novels I loved it in Catching Jordan, and she brings it to its fabulous glory again in Stealing Parker Heart meltingly sweet and incredibly genuine, the romance is easily my favourite part of this novel It gave me goosebumps, it made my heart flutter it absolutely makes you feel every single emotion that you crave when reading about young love I literally read the last 50 pages with my heart in my throat It s become clear that Miranda is a romantic goddess mastermind of sorts Let s talk about religion for a moment Uh oh I m not a very religious person, I grew up in a small town where religion was not a very big topic among our community, so it wasn t really a part of my upbringing So when I met Parker with her very religiously devoted town, where people have church cliques, and some are shunned for religious reasons in this case her lesbian mother I had difficulty related to that lifestyle It isn t commonplace around these parts, making it feel very foreign or old fashioned to me It wasn t overbearing by any means, the letters to god were actually a great opportunity to get a glimpse inside Parker s most personal thoughts, but it was still simply hard for me to identify with her situation a little.
I m certain you will laugh, and I guarantee you will swoon, Sealing Parker is a fantastic companion to Catching Jordan with its own set of wonderful characters, and even a cameo or two from our old beloved Jordan and Henry who of course, leave a lasting impression An advance copy was provided by the author for review.
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5 stars.
When I first read about a companion novel being released for Catching Jordan I was super excited Catching Jordan had been one of my favourite reads of 2011 and so I couldn t wait to devourof Kenneally s work However I did have my initial reservations about it too as I loved Catching Jordan so much I worried that I would constantly find myself comparing it to its predecessor I was also worried that it would venture down a similar path, but gladly this was not the case at all It truly stood out as a novel on its own and that made me admire Kenneally s as an author even .
I m a huge sports fan, so adored how Catching Jordan was based around players of the school s soccer team Sports play another prominent role in Stealing Parker, but this time the focus was on baseball Parker was hired as the manager of the school baseball team She s there to take stats on the team so that they can improve their performance for next time Parker already has a reputation for messing around with the lads, so the coach enforces the rule that she can t mess around with players on the team Stupid decisions led to Parker having this overblown reputation in the first place, so with several warnings from coach and captain Corndog a.
a Will Whitfield, Parker knows her boundaries But what she didn t expect was to fall for Coach Hoffman, he s 5 years her senior and temporarily coaching the team She knows she shouldn t but she can t help but fall for him I liked how in Stealing Parker, baseball was a important part of the story with Parker having taken it up for reasons to avoid another sport she loved but it s not only the central theme, there are several other important themes running through, which make Stealing Parker a complex yet unputdownable read.
The characters were refreshing, there s nothingthat bugs me when I don t click with the characters But the characters in Stealing Parker became favourites Parker was a difficult main character, she d had so much inner turmoil but no way to let it out, she found herself making silly mistakes, but in no way did I find myself getting tiresome or frustrated with them She was just a confused 17 year old girl who just wanted someone to be there for her, someone to love, endless times I just wanted to give her a hug Drew Parker s best friend, I adored whenever he made an appearance I don t think however we were ever given the chance to get to know his character properly But for the most part he represented what a best friend is supposed to be like Corndog a.
ka Will Whitfield this guy just grew on me so much as the book progressed that before you knew it my book was over full with post it s He could make you laugh hysterically one minute and then would say something so deep the next that at times I was in total awe of him What I liked most about these characters were that their character development was hugely surprising, I don t think I d ever switched sides as much as I have done in this book This book certainly kept you on your toes thinking what the heck will they do next Also the re appearance of the characters from Catching Jordan made the book aof a joy read.
Stealing Parker was one of my highly anticipated reads of the year and I m pleased to say it did not disappoint With an amusing bunch of characters that will have you wiping away tears of laughter, and just made me wish I had a group of friends as awesome as these Kenneally sure has upped her game with this book she had me flipping the pages in frenzied manner in eager anticipation of what could be around the corner She managed to touch on several deep meaningful issues, but also able to keep the tone of the book light hearted and fun Kenneally has quickly become one of my favourite authors, if you haven t read any of her books yet I suggest you do so now And this is a picture of my copy after finishing it