Trailer í Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose PDF by Ì Robin McGraw

Trailer í Inside My Heart: Choosing to Live with Passion and Purpose PDF by Ì Robin McGraw There are times that I enjoy reading a book, and I read it quickly, and still, I cannot give it top marks Inside My Heart by Robin McGraw, perhaps better known as wife to Dr Phil, is one of those books It is an easy read, one chapter leading into another, as we grow warm with empathy and curious about the life of this woman, arguably successful via her marriagethan for any particular accomplishment of her own I ve come to respect her husband s work and I didn t initially, feeling he was riding on Oprah s coattails and reducing psychiatry to sound bites, yet after watching some of his shows and reading his columns in O Magazine, realized this man has pretty sound judgment about the quirks of human nature , and so, rather vicariously, became interested in what his wife had to say Robin has nothing new to say that we haven t already read in other women s inspirational and empowerment type of books Nor am I clear on why a religious based publisher like Nelson would have chosen to market her book in Christian circles and bookstores there is very little mention in it about Robin s spiritual beliefs or influences on her life And yet, I must admit, by the end of the book, I d grown sympathetic to this woman, could imagine enjoying a personal friendship with someone like her, and give her my nod of respect for the life decisions she has made, and for her courageous value system Ah yes, values Something of which we are so achingly devoid in modern society Robin makes sense of having them again She writes about her approach to being a woman, a wife, a mother, a businesswoman, all based on well defined and usually very traditional values Husband Phil comes out pretty shiny and admirable, too, subscribing to the same values, as any good husband and father would and should Even if we already know these values, we certainly can use reminders such as this They work Nothing literary about this writing, readinglike a protracted magazine article than a soul baring deep diving personal expose And the pull quotes are rather annoying every few pages, serving no purpose that I can see other than getting in the way of a smooth flow But you know I liked it It s a nice book, with nice things to say, and perhaps it is time to fly the flag for the value of niceness again I dare say we all secretly long for it.
Robin s book is a book that every women should read If your married, single, divorces, have kids, don t have kids, its the book for you I learned and heard things that I never thought of and other things that impowered me evenI got reassurances on how I am as a woman, wife and mother I saw new ways to look at my marriage and how I do things and how my husband does things I learned new and better ways of looking at things and respecting others Not that I didn t already but we all need a check up This book was encouraging, motivating, inspirational, heartwarming, eye opening, compassionate, straightforward and honest I m glad I finally read this book and I had been wanting to for sometime I do believe that we makes choices for a reason, and life is all about choices This book helps guide you though some choices, you might of made through Robin s eyes in a whole new light Yes I loved this book I thank Robin for writing it and her book also inspires me to work harder on my own book Thank you Robin Heather PapiniBangor, ME Way to ride on the coattail of your hubby

I got this book through a bookswapping website and honestly don t remember why I chose this book in the first place These self help type books are typically not my style, but this week I picked it from my bookshelf out of curiosity and because I was looking for an easy, lite read.
Quick summary of the book 1 I am very happy with myself because I stand up for myself this is probably the same stuff dr Phil preaches on his show, which I have never seen , and,importantly 2 dr Phil is the best husband in the world Indeed the book is filled with so many examples of how great this guy is that you wonder whether he perhaps wrote it himself There are a few entertaining anectdotes in the book, and you can finish it indeed in a few hours, so it was not a real waste of time Most interestingly, though, it offered a quick glimpse into the life of the writer for someone who did not grow up in the US, and never lived anywhere but on the west and east coasts, a book like this is just an interesting case study of what family life here may look like.
I believe this book was written as a biography, not as an instruction manual of any sort I admire Mrs McGraw, independent of her famous husband She is intelligent, witty, down to earth, and beautiful I appreciated reading her stories and experiences they were well written I believe that knowing others and their poignant moments connects us all on a humane and personal level I also believe that every single person who has lived, is living, and will live should have their biography published, because everyone s life matters and has a story we can all benefit from I m generallyof a cynic, but that much I know.
Loved it I read this book in a day, it s a very easy read But also very enjoyable I loved the stories about growing up with an alcoholic father and the choices she d made throughout her life.
The book was very personal and touching and I cried several times.
I ve read other reviews that complained Mrs McGraw is always right Well, if I wrote an autobiography, I d probably paint myself in the best light But I don t agree with the criticism Mrs McGraw shares a story about feeding her newborn and nearly killing him Wow, it takes a brave person to admit that This book is worth reading if only for the little insights into how men and women think differently, something you can never know too much about.
Based on a few reviews I read before reading the book, I expected this to be a cheesy, not so great book That just goes to show that you can t always rely on other people s opinions I thouroughly enjoyed this book and I think Robin McGraw is one special woman She was very honest and open in writing this book, even when it may have been difficult to do so it was like having a heart to heart conversation with her This is one book I will not be giving away I only keep the good ones and I definitely reccommend this book to others.
I Believe We Were Put On This Earth To Enjoy Lives Of Joy And Abundance, And That Is What I Want For You And For Me It S Not My Intention To Give People Advice On How To Solve Their Problems I Leave That To My Husband But I Ve Had My Share Of Struggles Over The Years, And I Know A Thing Or Two About What Has Worked For Me I Have Chosen To Be An Active Participant In My Life Rather Than A Spectator, And In So Doing I Have Chosen How To Be A Woman, How To Be A Wife, And How To Be A Mother In Ways That Are Uniquely My Own I Offer The Stories Of These Choices As Evidence Of The Power Of Sheer Determination, Will, And Faith In GodYou Ve Seen Her On Television With Her Husband, Dr Phil But Now It S Time For A Heart To Heart Conversation With Robin McGraw In Inside My Heart, Robin Speaks Woman To Woman, Inspiring You To Embrace And Celebrate The Many Roles You Play And Encouraging You To Make Deliberate Choices That Lead To A Richer, Happier, And Meaningful LifeShe Shares With You The Life Changing Moments Of Her Childhood Years, Dating And Marrying Dr Phil McGraw, Raising Two Sons, And Asserting Herself As A Woman In A Man S World To Show You That You Have The Power To Make Choices In Your Life In Fact, She S Convinced That You Must Choose To Go After The Life You WantWith A Deep And Abiding Faith In God, Robin McGraw Shares Her Story So You Too Can Make Choices That Reflect Your Own Heart S Truest Priorities And Highest Goals I have a great deal of respect for Robin McGraw I admire how she supports her husband and is devoted to her family These reasons are what prompted me to read her book I was expecting a bio, though, and this book isof an autobiographical self help book It reads a bit choppy as it discusses past and present events in the same paragraph and repeats the points over and over throughout the book I do appreciate her message of confidence and to trust our guts We make choices and our own happiness I also appreciated her advice for married women to listen to your husband s words when he says what he wants Overall, the book includes plenty of encouragement and challenges for women, and I do recommend it, but realize it sof a self help book.
I had always wondered how things were for Robin before her life got to be where we know it as now Her book made me realize so many things I think this is a book that women of all walks of life could read and walk away with something positive that they can use for themselves or walk away saying she makes sense Most of all She is so open and raw about all parts of her life from growing up in not the greatest of ways To the love she has for her mother and how her death forever changed her She even admits to the mistakes of being a first time mother and wife.
She just as human as you or I and that our lives our truly our own and that our life is as Robin points out many times Choices life is all about choices It s up to us on what choices we make for our life