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[Sarah Suzuki ] ô Yayoi Kusama: From Here to Infinity [western-africa PDF] Ebook Epub Download ò A wonderful book.
I especially loved all the beautiful gorgeous colour illustrations.

The text might be a little challenging for the youngest children but they are guaranteed to love the illustrations regardless and will soon catch the story.
A wonderful book about a great artist.
I wish that texts like this were around when I was younger.
We need more representation for great female artists, musicians and leaders!I also love how it handles the topic of mental illness so candidly, and shows that people who struggle with mental illness can have sucessful careers.
My niece loved it! Such a beautiful story, and a wonderful book.
Beautiful book about Kusama.
I love the illustrations & the story.
Yes, I am an adult and when I have savored the illustrations and story a few more times, I will be gifting the book to a young lady who loves art.

What a charming book.
Having seen the Kusama exhibit a few year ago I wanted a book on her work— something I could share with our kids.
It’s a captivating story for adults and kids alike.
Gives the reader true insight into Kusama’s work.
It's a little difficult to tell the artwork from the illistrations.
If you're using it as a teaching tool make sure you explain the difference.
Just beautiful.
Perfect timing as my 1st grader was studying Japan.
I bought an extra copy for his teacher.
Used for a y6 class to introduce their artist.
Correct pitch and right amount of detail.
This Colourful Children’s Book Tells The Story Of The Renowned Artist Yayoi Kusama And Her Quest To Cover The World In Polka Dots – From Here To Infinity!

Growing Up In The Mountains Of Japan, Yayoi Kusama Dreamed Of Becoming An Artist One Day, She Had A Vision In Which The World And Everything In It – The Plants, The People, The Sky – Was Covered In Polka Dots She Began To Cover Her Paintings, Drawings, Sculptures, And Even Her Body With Dots As She Grew Up, She Traveled All Around The World And Brought Her Dots With Her, Spreading Them Over Big Cities And Small Islands Alike Some People Thought The Dots Were Tiny, Like Cells, And Others Imagined Them Enormous, Like Planets Yayoi Said, ‘Our Earth Is Only One Polka Dot Among A Million Stars In The Cosmos Polka Dots Are A Way To Infinity’ Written By Sarah Suzuki, A MoMA Curator, With Illustrations By Ellen Weinstein, This Colorful Book Tells The Story Of An Artist Whose Work Will Not Be Complete Until Her Dots Cover The World, From Here To Infinity