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A classmate of our kindergartner told him that people used to be apes Where is a parent to begin This book was a big help We had to repeat the ideas and break them down some , but he seems to have understood the general idea of adaptation and survival of the fittest We read it as a chapter book at bedtime Stillto learn, of course, but a great start He s now writing illustrating his own book about evolutionas you do.
Great simple biography about a great scientist.

Great book Science teacher approved I have read several books in this series I really like the variety of people represented The chapters are short and there are illustrations on most pages, so the books can be read quickly There are segments throughout each book that highlight people and events that impacted the person being studied There are two timelines at the back of each book One timeline lists major events in the life of the person and the other timeline lists important events that took place in the world during the person s life.
Charles Darwin certainly changed the world with his theory of evolution This was not my favorite book in the series, nor was it my favorite book about Darwin, but it is still a good introduction to a man who had a significant impact on the field of science I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a brief summary of the life of Charles Darwin It is written for children between the ages of eight and twelve and I think they would enjoy it.
As A Young Boy, Charles Darwin Hated School And Was Often Scolded Forconducting Useless Experiments Yet His Passion For The Natural World Was So Strong That He Suffered Through Terrible Seasickness During His Five Year Voyage Aboard The Beagle Darwin Collected New Creatures From The Coasts Of Africa, South America, And The Galapagos Islands, And Expanded His Groundbreaking Ideas That Would Change People S Understanding Of The Natural World AboutIllustrations And A Clear, Exciting Text Will Make Darwin And His Theory Of Evolution An Exciting Discovery For Every Young Reader