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ñ Who Is Jeff Kinney? Á Download by ✓ Patrick Kinney Really great reference for research projects Even As A Kid, Everyone Thought Jeff Kinney Was Talented People Loved His Drawings, And When He Went To College, His Comic Strip Igdoof Was So Popular That It Spread To Other Universities Still, Jeff Faced Challenges His Cartoons Were Rejected By Syndicates That Claimed His Art Was Unprofessional Then, An Idea Struck Jeff Would Write A Journal From The Perspective Of A Child, Illustrated With Doodles Just Like A Kid Might Do And So, The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Series Was Born And It Was A Hit In This Biography, Jeff S Brother, Patrick Kinney, Provides A Knowledgeable Look At The Life Of This Best Selling Author Illustrator From Jeff S Childhood Pranks To His Job Developing Online Games, Kids Will Love The Chance To Learn About The Creator Of The Popular Wimpy Kid books awesome book My son likes it very much Easy to read Great details And very interesting books series.
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As usual these books are great My kids learn a lot reading those while me and I know other parents read them too Several reviewers commented that this particular book was about an unknown author For lots of kids aged 8 and up this author is very well known since he wrote a very successful series of books It thusMakes a lot of sense that a book about him be written for kids.