↠´ Read ↠´ Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness by Thomas Cowan ↠´ globalintertrade.co.uk

↠´ Read ↠´ Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness by Thomas Cowan ↠´

Over The Past Years, Rates Of Chronic Illness, Learning Disabilities, And Allergies In Children Have Exploded In Children Has A Diagnosed Learning Disorder, In Has Autism, And In Has Severe Food Allergies Instead Of Blaming Genetics Or Increased Awareness And Diagnosis, Author Thomas Cowan, MD, Attributes These Rising Numbers To Our Current Vaccination Policy In Vaccines, Auto Immunity, And The Assault On Childhood, Cowan Combines His Years Of Experience As A Medical Practitioner With His Research Into The History And Science Of Vaccines To Show How Childhood Illnesses, Which Help Children To Develop A Robust Immune System, Are Now Eschewed By Conventional Medicine In Favor Of An Increasing Array Of Vaccinations That Doharm Than Good Invoking Philosopher Rudolph Steiner S Vision Of Vaccines As Inspired By Spirits Of Darkness, Cowan Brings To Light The Various Ways In Which Scientists And Government Officials Work To Promote A Vaccine Program That Only Increases Suffering Along The Way He Questions Commonly Held Views Of Cell Biology, The Role Of Water In The Body, And The Spatial And Spiritual Components Of Autism Additionally, He Provides Hope Of Recovery In The Form Of A Nontoxic Course Of Treatment For Those Suffering Chronic Inflammation And Other Averse Immune Responses To Vaccines Cowan S Thoughtfully Bold Writing Takes Us On A Journey Into The History Of Illness, Questioning The True Origins Of Diseases Such As Polio, And Asking Important Questions, Such As Why Did Paralytic Polio Make A Sudden Appearance In The US In The Years Between The Answers Lie Far Beyond What Conventional Medicine Would Have Us Believe Vaccines, Auto Immunity, And The Assault On Childhood Asks That We Re Examine Not Only Our Modern Health System But Our Relationship With The Spiritual World Only Then Will We Find True HealthThomas Cowan, MD, Has Studied And Written About Many Subjects In Medicine Including Nutrition, Homeopathy, Anthroposophical Medicine, And Herbal Medicine He Is The Principal Author Of The Fourfold Path To Healing And Co Author With Sally Fallon Of The Nourishing Traditions Book Of Baby And Child Care Dr Cowan Has Served As Vice President Of The Physicians Association For Anthroposophic Medicine And Is A Founding Board Member Of The Weston A Price Foundation R He Also Writes The Ask The Doctor Column In Wise Traditions In Food, Farming, And The Healing Arts The Weston A Price Foundation S Quarterly Magazine And Has Lectured Throughout The United States And Canada He Has Three Grown Children And Currently Practices Medicine In San Francisco Where He Resides With His Wife, Lynda Smith