Download Epub Format  The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul's Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health-from Pregnancy Through Your Child's Teen Years PDF by  Paul Thomas M.D.

Download Epub Format  The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul's Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health-from Pregnancy Through Your Child's Teen Years PDF by  Paul Thomas M.D. An Accessible And Reassuring Guide To Childhood Health And Immunity From A Pediatrician Whos Both Knowledgeable About The Latest Scientific Research And Respectful Of A Familys Risk Factors, Health History, And Concerns InThe Vaccine Friendly Plan, Paul Thomas, MD Presents His Proven Approach To Building Immunity A New Protocol That Limits A Childs Exposure To Aluminum, Mercury, And Other Neurotoxins While Building Overall Good Health Based On The Results From His Pediatric Practice Ofthan Eleven Thousand Children, As Well As Data From Other Credible And Scientifically Minded Medical Doctors, Dr Pauls Vaccine Friendly Protocol Gives Readers Recommendations For A Healthy Pregnancy And Childbirth Vital Information About What To Expect At Every Well Child Visit From Birth Through Adolescence A Slower, Evidence Based Vaccine Schedule That Calls For Only One Aluminum Containing Shot At A Time Important Questions To Ask About Your Childs First Few Weeks, First Years, And Beyond Advice About How To Talk To Health Care Providers When You Have Concerns The Risks Associated With Opting Out Of Vaccinations A Practical Approach To Common Illnesses Throughout The School Years Simple Tips And Tricks For Healthy Eating And Toxin Free Living At Any Age The Vaccine Friendly Plan Presents A New Standard For Pediatric Care, Giving Parents Peace Of Mind In Raising Happy, Healthy ChildrenPraise For The Vaccine Friendly PlanFinally, A Book About Vaccines That Respects Parents If You Choose Only One Book To read On The Topic, read The Vaccine Friendly Plan This Impeccably Researched, Well Balanced Book Puts You In The Drivers Seat And Empowers You To Make Conscientious Vaccine Decisions For Your FamilyPeggy OMara, Editor And Publisher, Mothering MagazineSure To Appeal To Readers Of All Kinds As A Friendly, No Nonsense Book That Cuts Through The Rhetoric Surrounding Vaccines It Offers Validation To Those Who Avoid Some Or All, While Offering Those Who Do Want To Vaccinate Help On How To Do So Safely This Is A Great Book For Anyone With Children In Their Lives Natural Mother A Valuable, Science Supported Guide To Optimizing Your Childs Health While You Navigate Through Complex Choices In A Toxic, Challenging WorldMartha Herbert, MD PhD Harvard Medical School An Impressively Researched Guide, This Important Book Is Essential Reading For Parents With Clear And Practical Advice For Shielding Children From Harmful Toxins, It Will Compel Us All To Think Differently About How To Protect HealthJay Gordon, MD FAAP Rather Than A One Size Fits All Vaccine Strategy, The Authors Suggest Thoughtful, Individualized Decisions Based On Research And Collaboration Between Parents And Cliniciansa Plan To Optimize A Childs Immune System And Minimize Any RisksElizabeth Mumper, MD Founder And CEO, The Rimland Center For Integrative PediatricsThis Well Written And Thought Provoking Book Will Encourage Parents To Think Through Decisionssuch As Food Choices And The Timing Of Vaccinesthat Affect The Well Being Of Their Children In A World Where Childrens Immune Systems Are Increasingly Challenged, This Is A Timely Addition To The LiteratureHarriet Lerner, PhD Bestselling Author Of The Dance Of Anger And The Mother Dance