Trailer ñ Princess Daisy PDF by ñ Judith Krantz

Trailer ñ Princess Daisy PDF by ñ Judith Krantz This is the kind of romance novel that gives romance novels a good name The people are glamorous whether they re wealthy or poor The locations are evocative New York, Venice, London, central coast of California The plot is not about getting the guy but about the girl coming into her own The bad guys are vanguished, the good guys come back from the brink of ruin and everything ends happily I read this book because it was mentioned in Dark Currents as the main character s namesake and her mother s favorite book My life hasn t been enriched by reading it but my time was spent pleasantly.
This is one of those books that I snuck from my aunt s bookshelves when I was a poorly supervised early teen ager Looking back on it, it is a total campfest however I have to say that at the time, it fascinated me to no end and I think I ended up permanently hiding it and re reading it many times The high rating is a shout out to those years where I was tentatively trying to explore the forbidden fruit through the safest way imaginable, the pages of a book, and Princess Daisy delivered on all fronts I will always have a fond memory of this book and Judith Krantz for that reason.
She Was Born Princess Marguerite Alexandrovna Valensky But Everyone Called Her Daisy She Was A Blonde Beauty Living In A World Of Aristocrats And Countless Wealthy Her Father Was A Prince, A Russian Nobleman Her Mother Was An American Movie Goddess Men Desired Her Women Envied Her Daisy S Life Was A Fairy Tale Filled With Parties And Balls, Priceless Jewels, Money And Love Then, Suddenly, The Fairy Tale Ended And Princess Daisy Had To Start Again, With Nothing Except The Secret She Guarded From The Day She Was Born Pure nostalgia drives me to adding these books to my reading lists Once upon a time it was one of the best books I ve ever read But that was when I was trying to find my own identity.
read this one a long, LONG, time ago when I was a teenager Its a good book for a teenager who wants very little meat to their book, but a lot of juicy Like a lite beer, no calories less filling.
I will say that I remember this book, its characters, settings, and plot like the day I first read it That stands to reason Judith Krantz is a good writer, it does stick with you when you ve read it.
I wouldn t recommend it to anyone looking for a good mental read If you want some fluff that is just fun to read, this is a good book for you.
The movie is evenfun Ringo Starr is in it for those like me who love to watch him in lots of bad movies , and Rupert Everett manages to appear both gay and hot for his sister at the same time.
This week s blog entry is dedicated yet again to the oeuvre of Judith Krantz, most specifically to Princess Daisy, one of Creampuff contemporary romance novel full of family secrets, too beautiful heroine and plenty of scenery chewing Still fun, however.

I still reread this on occasion utterly whacktastic and an absolute trainwreck of typhoonic proportions, but so much fun to read and then read again JK was one of the best at the 80 s boinkbuster, she is kinda like HPlandia on steroids with an order of megamagnitude.
Some situations were meant for the trashy novel Beaches Airplanes Visa appointments Judith Krantz is one of the best writers in this genre yes, to me trashy novel is a genre and Princess Daisy is the perfect combination of glamorous people, soap opera worthy plots and just enough sleaze In the 80s, this was the sort of thing we read when we got past our Sweet Dreams Sweet Valley High years and I have to say it beats Chick Lit which to me was never a genre by a mile When i say trashy novel , i do not mean trashy writing Judith Krantz is actually a really good writer She really takes you away and she can spin quite a story The book spans continents and generations and is an epic tale about the life of a beautiful princess whose life takes several dramatic and unexpected turns There are secrets Betrayals Affairs Exotic locations It s the literary equivalent of Spamtotally unnatural, probably very bad for you but SO YUMMY I ll probably be in the mood to read this again someday but as it is the sort of book that always finds its way to Book Sale counters, I m pretty sure i can find it again when i need it In the meantime, Princess Daisy is up for grabs to the first person who decides to surrender to it Don t overthink it, don t go all intellectual on it Just grab a cocktail, kick back and enioy the ride.