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Trailer Æ Petals on the Wind PDF by ↠´ V.C. Andrews WHATJUST what I can t evenMy summary of this book is WTF, Cathy I mean, I liked it and I ll definitely finish this saga, for I am too invested, but I don t know, this book is just TOO MUCH.
This was the worst best.
This was a clusterfuck It s like the most dramatic and ridiculous soap opera ever created It s truly amazing how much fuckery is in this book I just I can t even explain all the crazy It s addictive I could barely put it down However it was a lot slower, longer and didn t have the crazy sexual tension like the first one Cathy is very free with her love in this Are you a male She s in love with you, then Are you a male that treats her like garbage You re top of her list Are you a male that has something to do with her mother Look out, she s view spoiler going to seduce you and then have your baby as a way to get back at her mother.
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Hey, guess what Flowers in the Attic was only the beginning of this sordid tale We now follow Cathy to South Carolina with her gross brother and little sister who didn t die of arsenic poisoning almost did though They get taken in by a doctor and his sassy housekeeper Seems harmless enough, right Oh, how quickly we forget Cathy ends up sleeping with the doctor who s like 40 years older than her and then running away to become a ballerina She marries the MOST FAMOUS ballet dancer, and has his baby, then he dies Oh, and remember that magical romance with her brother It continues She also finds her crazy mom and sleeps with her mom s new husband, beats her grandmother, then sets their house on fire Ahh, young love.
Book Review4 of 5 stars to Petals on the Wind, the 2nd novel in the Dollanganger series written in 1980 by V.
C Andrews It all started with the attic in the first book, but it set a series of event that would have disastrous impacts for years to come When you finished the first book, you thought there couldn t be anythingshocking in this family than two cousins falling in love and having children You also thought there couldn t be a meaner mother or grandmother But then book two takes it all that much further Now, two of the children, brother and sister, fall in love and have an intimate relationship But it doesn t stop there this family is full of insanity There are so many crazy story lines between each of these people, you never quite know where it will go VC Andrews excels at creating family drama And I fell for it Though Flowers in the Attic, the first in the series, is first in my heart this was a fairly close second and follow up book in the series You ll still be hooked and wonder how the kids will get revenge Keep with the series at this point It s definitely worth seeing the impact they attic had on the Dollanganger kidsAbout MeFor those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators polldaddy poll 9729544 polldaddy poll 9719251 I cringe to think how much V C Andrews I read in middle school And honestly, once you have read one of her series, you have read them all Mix together incest, rape, car accident, evil grandmother, dismissive mother, missing father And voila You have her latest series.
That was my disclaimer Here is my confession.
I love this particular book I thought the initial book in the series, Flowers in the Attic was good The subsequent books and prequels were horrible But this book was written for me possibly because I was a ballerina like Cathy This is what I call a comfort read, just how mashed potatoes and peas are a comfort food I know it s bad for me, but I keep picking it up every couple of years for some indulgent fun And I always hope that Cathy won t systematically ruin every, single relationship she has by the last page No luck there This confession was prompted by a NPR segment called My Guilty Pleasure, in which a respectable person admits to loving Flowers in the Attic I figure if they were brave enough to confess this on national radio, I can own up to my love in an obscure online review.
What an outstanding sequel this is Gone are the days of the claustrophobic attic and it seems that the Dollanganger kids can now FINALLY live out their lives in the big glorious world But of course, our heroine is plagued by hatred for her wretched mother and here is a prime moralistic example of why grudges are destructive and so very anti life And not only that, but the revenge aspect in Petals is the true ghost in this horror ish dish, made all thedelicious by an outstanding writer who is actually immortal, by the way Frankly, this is one of the kitschiest books I ve ever readso than the first book, eventhan, say, Valley of the Dolls I loved it, it was a great companion for one mega long car ride, it is a well deserved buffet of nastiness Is it that bad to place this in my Essentials List It probably is yet the guilty pleasure element makes it evenawesome Here s to part three After a memorable first novel in the series, I found myself wanting to knowabout these Dollangangers, particularly after they escaped their prison like situation in the attic Fuelled with anger, determination, and hopes of rectifying all the wrongs done to them by a sadistic grandmother and a greedy mother, the children flee for safer environs as they plot their revenge After escaping from the attic, Chris, Cathy, and Carrie find themselves heading South, in hopes of making it to Florida However, a medical emergency stops their progress, as Carrie is showing signs of something Locating Dr Paul Sheffield, they soon learn the extent to the remaining twin s illness, which can be directly traced back to their captors With nowhere to go, the children tell their story to Paul, who takes them in and shares his own truths He is a widower and lost a son years ago, but would gladly help support and protect these three As the story progresses, all three have their lives changed with proper education and strive for their dreams Chris speeds through school and attends college before entering medical school, Cathy is able to study ballet at one of the great schools in the region before moving to New York to pursue her passion full time, while Carrie stays close to home and develops a strong connection with her new father However, the problems that wove their way into the children s lives during their imprisonment cannot be completely forgotten or rectified Chris and Cathy still have that connection to one another, seeing themselves not only as the two older siblings, but passionately involved as they came to understand love on a deeper level, which led to exploring it with each other Cathy now finds herself also drawn to Paul, who offers her the world and himself, if only she will submit to his sexual advances Cathy s love life is also hampered when her dance partner Julian, a regular Casanova explains that they ought to be together to enable the best chemistry possible In a fit of confusion, Cathy chooses Julian and enters into a dictatorial relationship, all while still trying to be a dancer Carrie, on the other hand, is trying to fit in, having been incapacitated by a small stature and poor development She is mocked at school, finding solace only in the loving arms of Paul, who again blurs some of the parent adult lines While Carrie is determined that she will love only him forever , their relationship does not enter the sexual realm As Chris continues his studies, he is determined that he and his closest sister belong together, particularly when he can protect her from the evils of the world Even as Cathy admits that she is pregnant, Chris seeks to forget the abusive husband she left in her past and will make the most of ensuring this baby has all it needs to survive With revenge still on their minds, Chris, Cathy, and Carrie plot to find their beloved mother and grandmother, vowing to bring them what they have coming, no matter what it takes As V.
C Andrews pushes the envelope even further, it becomes clear that scandal and non traditional love will be a major theme as the series continues While I am not sure I can recommend the series to any particular group, those readers with an open mind may find something interesting in the layers of scandal that occur throughout While the opening novel in the series, Flowers in the Attic, was one I recently read for a reading challenge see below , I found myself curious to see how the story would continue Able to justify my curiosity by also being able to use this book for another topic in the same challenge, I thought I might as well dip my toe into the water just a littleto see what those Dollangangers were doing and how revenge might be accomplished I will admit that with Cathy in the spot of narrator, she presents as the primary protagonist in this piece Her character development is ongoing and quite thorough, particularly as the reader receives insights into her thoughts and feelings I will be the first to admit that even with an open mind, it is hard to sit idly by while reading and learn of her lust for a brother Chris , a surrogate father Paul , and a lover eventual husband Julian without cringing Andrews weaves many of these sexual relationships together and Cathy justifies them all as having been emotionally and physically starved while locked in the attic What might shock readers most is that there is but minuscule hesitation when entering these sexual encounters, as if life in the attic allows one to ignore the red flags A deny this, as it has become clear that Cathy uses sex and allure as a weapon, even if she seeks it as a crutch Chris and Carrie receive decent storylines as well, as they age throughout the book, though they seemfocussed on personal and professional progress throughout save Chris ongoing flirtation and physical encounters with his sister Andrews will surely have to toss somecontroversy around amongst these other children, as well as with the new children who emerge in the latter portion of the story, to spread the soil , if I may borrow a loose metaphor from the first two books The plot is surely not stellar, but one cannot expect miracles in something labelled young adult horror Still, like a car wreck, it is sometimes hard to turn away as I wonder what the hell V.
C Andrews will do next I am no Freud, so I choose not to analyse her writing for signs of anything buried in her psyche, but this is surely not a normal series, which has caused a great deal of controversy over the years Thankfully, the sex is not too gratuitous and the narrative seems to flow well, though I won t be putting it forward for any literary awards, even all these years later books like this show how far authors can go while still garnering the interest of the reader I will admit to being curious about where things will go, like a bad guilty pleasure I will be the first to admit that I am not sticking around simply to read about salacious sibling sexual seduction How s that for alliteration Kudos, Madam Andrews, for an ever intriguing story that has me scratching my head I can see where the buzz came from and can only imagine what teenagers would say nowadays if they got their hands on this series This book fulfils Topic 4 Made You Blush in the Equinox 6 Reading Challenge.
Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge I wanted to claw my eyes out while reading this book It was so horrible, and yet I had to finish it because I can never leave a book unfinished It was difficult and painful Every chapter was redundant Cathy and the men that LOVE her, Cathy and her long golden hair, Cathy and her plies and supple leg muscles Cathy talks for 400 something pages about the revenge she is going to get on her motherand she has all of these random run ins with her and doesn t do anything The revenge she finally does get isn t sweet at all Suck it VC Andrews Or better yet, suck it Catherine Dollanger for being such a poon And for wasting my time BOO.
They Were Such Brave Children To Withstand Such Suffering Such Clever Children To Escape Such Terror For Carrie, Chris And Cathy, The Attic Was A Dark Horror That Would Not Leave Their Minds, Even While They Built Bright, Promising New Lives Of Course Mother Had To Pretend They Didn T ExistAnd Grandmother Was Convinced They Had The Devil In ThemBut That Wasn T Their Fault Was It Cathy Knew What To DoShe Now Had The Powers She Had Learned From Her Beautiful Mother She Knew It In The Way Her Brother Still Yearned For Her, In The Way Her Guardian Touched Her, In The Way All Men Looked At HerShe Knew It Was Time To Put What She Knew To The Test To Show Her Mother And Grandmother That The Pain And Terror Of The Attic Could Not Be Forgotten Show ThemShow Them Once And For All Wow what a fabulous book Petals on the Wind was I adored every minute I had seen the movie Flowers In The Attic then read the book but always wondered what happened to Chris Cathy Carrie It was a dark read for me but enjoyable easy, I thought the characters were well written the plot was well thought out it didn t miss a beat.
I wont give a huge review as there was so much in this to write all I can say is that Cathy was a very promiscuous girl who wanted revenge no matter what on her mother Corinne for locking the four children in the attic, I had mixed feelings about her character marrying every Tom, Dick, Harry just to get where she wanted then on the other hand showed us her vulnerable side it was a love hate relationship.
Chris I absolutely loved he was strong when he needed to be but weak when it came to Cathy he loved her like no other man could, even though she was his sister I found reading this was a bit hard to read, there was no denying he loved Cathy to the bitter end but he hated what she was doing.
Then there was Carrie who I adored I felt so much for her character always struggling to be accepted because of her height she pulled at my heartstrings every time she was talking to Cathy Chris I wont tell anyas I could give out spoilers which I don t want to do.
Dr Paul Sheffield for me was the children s saviour he took them in gave them everythingthe love Chris, Cathy Carrie showed him was undeniable they loved him to the moon back.
All the characters in this masterpiece were well written loved every one, now for the ending it was one continuous non stop thriller I couldn t stop reading was well done.
The amount of Men in Cathy s life was unbelievable she certainly in my opinion like her Mother Corrine in one way but not all, if you haven t read this series yet the do you will be taken on a journey you won t forget.