Trailer À Paper Son: The Inspiring Story of Tyrus Wong, Immigrant and Artist (English Edition) PDF by ✓ Julie Leung

Trailer À Paper Son: The Inspiring Story of Tyrus Wong, Immigrant and Artist (English Edition) PDF by ✓ Julie Leung Wonderful We are Disney fans and had no idea Wonderful message Must read Lead to a great family discussion with our children.
There is an incredible amount of information in this picture biography for younger children In fact, it s a book I d encourage teachers and parents to sharethan once with kids since, if given time to ponder some of the pieces of Tyrus life, they ll most likely have questions an additional reading will answer Imagine coming to a hostile new country that s what America was for Chinese immigrants at that time when you were very young Having to memorize endless pieces of information to convince immigration officials that you had a right to be here, even though you knew many were false and being separated from your father for weeks, while not knowing your fate I was also impressed by the part about his skill and subsequent poor treatment By Walt Disney This is not only an excellent book for its historical content, but because it has similarities with our current treatment of immigrants to America An excellent choice for any school or public library Also love the photo of him at age 92 with his kite.
Beautiful illustrations in a true melancholy story.
What a lovely introduction to a real artistgreat children s book An Inspiring Picture Book Biography Of Animator Tyrus Wong, The Chinese American Immigrant Responsible For Bringing Disney S Bambi To LifeBefore He Became An Artist Named Tyrus Wong, He Was A Boy Named Wong Geng Yeo He Traveled Across A Vast Ocean From China To America With Only A Suitcase And A Few Papers Not Papers For Drawing Which He Loved To Do But Immigration Papers To Start A New Life Once In America, Tyrus Seized Every Opportunity To Make Art, Eventually Enrolling At An Art Institute In Los Angeles Working As A Janitor At Night, His Mop Twirled Like A Paintbrush In His Hands Eventually, He Was Given The Opportunity Of A Lifetime And Using Sparse Brushstrokes And Soft Watercolors, Tyrus Created The Iconic Backgrounds OfBambiJulie Leung And Chris Sasaki Perfectly Capture The Beautiful Life And Work Of A Painter Who Came To This Country With Dreams And Talent And Who Changed The World Of Animation Forever