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[Lovitt Charles] ✓ My Little Golden Book About The First Moon Landing [11th-century PDF] Read Online ↠´ I probably enjoyed thisthan my kid when we first read it, but this is a great little book about the Apollo 11 moon landing mission We got the book just in time to read it on the 50th anniversary and it was a wonderful way to help celebrate that milestone.
The Exciting Story Of The ApolloMission, Published In A Book For The Youngest Readers Upon The Th Anniversary Of This Remarkable Achievement In This Engaging Little Golden Book, Preschoolers Will Enjoy The Fascinating Story Behind What Happened On July , , When Two Human Beings Walked On The Moon For The Very First Time Little Ones Will Learn About The Rocket Saturn V, The Command ModuleColumbia, And Of Course The Famous Lunar Lander Eagle, And How They Each Served To Send Astronauts Into Space Kids Will Learn Who The Astronauts Were And How They Were Chosen For The Mission And They Ll Learn Neil Armstrong S Unforgettable Words In His Message Back To Earth One Giant Leap For Mankind Fun Facts About The Astronauts Space Suits And Their Work In Space Round Out This Exciting Picture Book Bought this for my granddaughter as a remembrance of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing We give golden books instead of cards for birthdays Got this for my 3 year old who is OBSESSED with space and its way too old for him and boring he lost interest in it after the second page Better for older elementary aged kids

My wife and I tried to keep a straight face reading what we thought was going to be a fun book Haha, it reads like Wikipedia or an owners manual At the end my 4 year looked at me and only remembered the funny parts I added to make this less stale.
This little book has sparked a tremendous fascination for space exploration in my 2 year old grandson I ve read this book dozens of times to him and watched repeatedly videos of Saturn V launches plus long versions of the Apollo 11 moon walk Written for very young kids but accurate as a beginning to understanding of the momentous impact the space program had on America s place in the world today.