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Ì Read Û Know Your Chances: Understanding Health Statistics by Steven Woloshin ñ When you hear on the news that something will double your risk of getting some disease, do you ever wonder, Double it from what to what It does make a difference If it doubles the risk from one in a thousand to two in a thousand, you might think, So what If it doubles it from one in three to two in three, you might have a different reaction Or maybe you would be fatalistic and figure you d probably get the disease, anyway But either way, the numbers do matter, and you rarely get them This outstanding book explains why you need those numbers and why the health statistics provided in advertisements and press releases are generally misleading The authors explain how it is possible for BOTH survival rates AND death rates for a given illness to go up at the same time They also discuss why some studies should be viewed with suspicion, what questions patients need to ask before choosing a treatment, and the difference between surrogate outcomes, which simply deal with numbers like cholesterol levels, and patient outcomes, which deal with how a person actually feels The book is written in a simple, straightforward style that can be easily understood by readers without medical degrees, and its 142 page length will not overwhelm anyone I can t think of anyone who would not benefit from reading this book It won t take much time, and unlike some medical books, it s enjoyable as well as important This one should not be missed.
I lecture to doctor colleagues on some of the topics in this book and they often need reminding of the concepts Yet the book is appropriate for almost any audience, assuming ten years or so of decent education I recommend this book for the 99 % of people who don t know this material but have to deal with stuff in these contexts all the time.
And docs ought to know all this stuff cold instead of having to be reminded of what it means day to day.
This book is for those who look for the footnotes when reading about healthcare claims, who question the facts behind today s barrage of health risk messages Know Your Chances gently guides you through the hype in medical news, TV drug ads and pitches from advocacy groups Learn the critical thinking skills to interpret the statistics behind messages that are often incomplete, misleading or exaggerated.
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Patti RyanEditor and Publisher, A Fib.
com This book does a terrific job of helping us translate the mountain of healthcare claims we see and hear each dayon tv, in the hospital lobby, in the newspaper, and from researchers and volunteerseach with their own perspective Do you have the tools to evaluate claims of drug or treatment efficacy effectiveness These claims are often confusing and misleadingleading to erroneous decisions and conclusions on our part This short and simple discussion uses a variety of real life examples to show how easily we can be misleador simply mislead ourselves by not reading or listening carefully I have practiced pathology for 25 years and actively taught graduate medical studies addressing these types of problemsand I found the simple and straightforward discussions very, very helpful You owe it to yourself to be an informed and active participant in your own care.
Every Day We Are Bombarded By Television Ads, Public Service Announcements, And Media Reports Warning Of Dire Risks To Our Health And Offering Solutions To Help Us Lower Those Risks But Many Of These Messages Are Incomplete, Misleading, Or Exaggerated, Leaving The Average Person Misinformed And Confused Know Your Chances Is A Lively, Accessible, And Carefully Researched Book That Can Help Consumers Sort Through This Daily Barrage By Teaching Them How To Interpret The Numbers Behind The MessagesIn Clear And Simple Steps, The Authors All Of Them Staff Physicians At The Veterans Administration Medical Center In White River Junction, Vermont Take The Mystery Out Of Medical Statistics By Learning To Understand The Medical Statistics And Knowing What Questions To Ask, Readers Will Be Able To See Through The Hype And Find Out What If Any Credible Information Remains The Book S Easy To Understand Charts Will Help Ordinary People Put Their Health Concerns Into Perspective This Short, Reader Friendly Volume Will Foster Communication Between Patients And Doctors And Provide The Basic Critical Thinking Skills Necessary For Navigating Today S Confusing Health Landscape