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µ Read é Just Like Rube Goldberg: The Incredible True Story of the Man Behind the Machines by Sarah Aronson à I LOVE THIS BOOK I learned so much about this man who is synonymous with invention that astounded me How did I not know But it s not just the facts, it s the way Sarah Aronson weaved together a story of grit, creativity, and hope and Robert Neubecker brought to life in his illustrations that makes this book SHINE So fun, so innovativejust like Rube Goldberg Add this one to your classroom library and you ll spark creativity and perseverance in so many young readers.
A perfect book to add to your collection of books about inventors as well as books that lead to creativity and ingenuity Aronson s book has been reread in my classroom dozens of times and each time it spurs on the imaginations of kids

I love this book Just Like Rube Goldberg written by Sarah Aronson and illustrated by Robert Neubecker is a story that inspires creativity and embraces the power of play It is the perfect blend of lyrical text and detailed illustrations that together capture the life and heart of one extraordinary man and innovator Highly recommend We had to buy this as a birthday gift for my son after he burst into tears when returning it to the library Engaging illustrations and story, and the simplified, kid friendly Goldberg machines allowed him to talk through what each part was supposed to do But also silly enough to be funny As a parent I love the message keep trying, even if it seems like the path isn t clear and it inspired his creativity to try to think up his own inventions.
Discover How Rube Goldberg Followed His Dreams To Become An Award Winning Cartoonist, Inventor, And Even An Adjective In The Dictionary In This Inspiring And Funny Biographical Picture Book Want To Become An Award Winning Cartoonist And Inventor Follow Your Dreams, Just Like Rube Goldberg From A Young Age, Rube Goldberg Had A Talent For Art But His Father, A German Immigrant, Wanted Rube To Have A Secure Job So, Rube Went To College And Became An Engineer But Rube Didnt Want To Spend His Life Mapping Sewer Pipes He Wanted To Follow His Passion, So Rube Got A Low Level Job At A Newspaper, And From There, He Worked His Way Up, Creating Cartoons That Made People Laugh And Tickled The Imagination He Became Known For His Fantastic Rube Goldberg Machinescomplicated Contraptions With Many Parts That Performed A Simple Task In An Elaborate And Farfetched Way Eventually, His Cartoons Earned Him A Pulitzer Prize And His Own Adjective In The Dictionary This Moving Biography Is Sure To Encourage Young Artists And Inventors To Pursue Their Passions