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É Read ☆ Intuitive Biostatistics: A Nonmathematical Guide to Statistical Thinking by Harvey Motulsky ☆ Intuitive Biostatistics Takes A Non Technical, Non Quantitative Approach To Statistics And Emphasizes Interpretation Of Statistical Results Rather Than The Computational Strategies For Generating Statistical Data This Makes The Text Especially Useful For Those In Health Science Fields Who Have Not Taken A Biostatistics Course Before The Text Is Also An Excellent Resource For Professionals In Labs, Acting As A Conceptually Oriented And Accessible Biostatistics Guide With An Engaging And Conversational Tone, Intuitive Biostatistics Provides A Clear Introduction To Statistics For Undergraduate And Graduate Students And Also Serves As A Statistics Refresher For Working Scientists Worked well for class So many biostatistics books are poorly written, this one is not This is the book I reach for when looking for an explanation of a statistical concept.
Thoroughly enjoyed learning from this book It is an ideal non mathematical text for beginners The author keeps to his promise don t need to be a mathematicien to learn statistics.
The first chapters are original and very helpful I have purchased the paperback, 4th edition, 2018 Oxford University Press version of this book The author has a clear and informative style, and covers statistics and correct interpretation of statistics from the perspective of an informed reader in the biological sciences who is familiar both with academic writing and with statistical tests in general It s dense and not going to be a quick read, but it is very important stuff for researchers in medicine, anthropology, probably any of the social or biological sciences and should be covered in far introductory classes.
That being said, my edition is less than intuitive from chapters 34 to 37 Chapters 35, 36, and 37 are intriguingly but annoyingly mixed into each other, with 33 ending into the last three pages of chapter 36, which is followed by the first three pages of 37, truncated with the sudden appearance of chapter 35 Chapter 34 is regrettably absent in entirety, which is too bad for many reasons.
I hope no one else experiences this issue, and it is only a rare deviation from the normal distribution of complete books If there are others who are missing chapter 34, however, please push forward the information to the publisher It s a great book that should be received whole.
Highly recommend the book, highly recommend care when purchasing and review upon receipt to ensure the book is complete and includes all chapters.