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ë Read ↠´ Fundamentals of Clinical Trials by Lawrence M. Friedman ë Excellent book Contains a lot of great content of various aspects of clinical trials A must own for anyone working in the field.
Excellent book to get a better understanding regarding clinical trials Well written I just need to get a general understanding of what constitutes an acceptable trial so I am not sure how the information will work for someone actually conducting a trial though.
Love the book itself but it came very water damaged as the package was left in a snow bank Excellent Dry but thorough A must for any clinician thinking of doing clinical trials.
VERY GOOD This Is The Fifth Edition Of A Very Successful Textbook On Clinical Trials Methodology, Written By Recognized Leaders Who Have Long And Extensive Experience In All Areas Of Clinical Trials The Three Authors Of The First Four Editions Have Been Joined By Two Others Who Add Great Expertise A Chapter On Regulatory Issues Has Been Included And The Chapter On Data Monitoring Has Been Split Into Two And Expanded Many Contemporary Clinical Trial Examples Have Been AddedThere Is Much New Material On Adverse Events, Adherence, Issues In Analysis, Electronic Data, Data Sharing And International TrialsThis Book Is Intended For The Clinical Researcher Who Is Interested In Designing A Clinical Trial And Developing A Protocol It Is Also Of Value To Researchers And Practitioners Who Must Critically Evaluate The Literature Of Published Clinical Trials And Assess The Merits Of Each Trial And The Implications For The Care And Treatment Of Patients The Authors Use Numerous Examples Of Published Clinical Trials To Illustrate The FundamentalsThe Text Is Organized Sequentially From Defining The Question To Trial Closeout One Chapter Is Devoted To Each Of The Critical Areas To Aid The Clinical Trial Researcher These Areas Include Pre Specifying The Scientific Questions To Be Tested And Appropriate Outcome Measures, Determining The Organizational Structure, Estimating An Adequate Sample Size, Specifying The Randomization Procedure, Implementing The Intervention And Visit Schedules For Participant Evaluation, Establishing An Interim Data And Safety Monitoring Plan, Detailing The Final Analysis Plan And Reporting The Trial Results According To The Pre Specified ObjectivesAlthough A Basic Introductory Statistics Course Is Helpful In Maximizing The Benefit Of This Book, A Researcher Or Practitioner With Limited Statistical Background Would Still Find Most If Not All The Chapters Understandable And Helpful While The Technical Material Has Been Kept To A Minimum, The Statistician May Still Find The Principles And Fundamentals Presented In This Text Useful very well written and easy to read textbook, and that s coming from a grad student who almost always hates doing the readings for class no unnecessary jargon, in my opinion Very useful even though I work in marketing research, not medicine.
Very clear and detailed Great book.