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[Jonah Winter] ¸ Frida [10th-century PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ The Companion To The Author S Book, Diego Identifies The Tragedies And Suffering That Frida Kahlo Overcame Throughout Her Life By Using Her Skill As A Artist To Express Her Pain And Depression And Eventually, Her Joys And Triumphs My son and daughter could really relate to another person s life thanks to this well written and cleverly illustrated book Frida was, as they are now, someone who wasn t always able to have her mother s attention She lived out fantasies in her mind, just as they do She used her imagination even when she was unable to move her body, just like they do before they fall asleep at night Frida s quotidian and extraordinary experiences spring to life thanks to the inventive illustrations and sympathetic writing.
I find the illustrations absolutely stunning The story, however, while it makes a great effort to soften the dark details of Frieda s life for young readers, nevertheless places a great emphasis on her pain and suffering This may be unavoidable given that physical suffering figured so significantly in Frieda s life story, but it made the story hard for my 4.
5 year old niece to enjoy She had trouble understanding why there was so much suffering in the story I may try reading it to her again when she s 5 and see if she responds differently.
I bought this because I teach Spanish at an elementary school I love Frida Kahlo and always incorporate lessons about her and her art, so I was excited to find this book.
It is a good introduction to Frida and her life, and the illustrations are beautiful They are very imaginative, which I thought was a good reflection of Frida s artistic style My first and second graders were fascinated with the book, and we talked a lot about how Frida used her imagination to help her get through difficult things.
I highly recommend this book, for art lovers of any age read it I love the look and feel of this beautiful book I am certain that it is no small task to select several phrases to depict the life of such a complicated and talented artist Unfortunately the author falls into a common trap Frida s father, the book reads, was an artist who inspired Frida and taught her to paint on photographs The author writes that her mother on the other hand takes care of six daughters and is often tired as a result Frida became lonely apparently due to her tired and busy mother and developed an imaginary friend Far too often the success of women is credited only to their fathers and the support of their mothers is rendered useless or invisible Frida was close with her father according to some historical accounts and he did inspire her It seems that there is a missed opportunity here, however, to credit the hard work, love, and support that Frida Kahlo s mother contributed to Frida and to her family if even in a word or two It may have been Frida s mother who had an easel created for Frida when she was confined to bed, for example I would like my child to grow up honoring strong women like Frida as well as the work of people who love them That includes strong mothers like this one who undoubtedly suffered through watching her daughter endure pain and tragedy and still supported her creativity while raising six children Sadly I will be returning this book and ordering one of the other books for children about the life of Frida Kahlo.
Las ilustraciones son preciosas y el texto est muy bien me habr a gustadoi m s comprarlo en espa ol, pero la diferencia de precio era enorme.