à Frida ☆ Download by à Jonah Winter

à Frida ☆ Download by à Jonah Winter This is supposed to be a children s book but I found it a bit disturbing It tells the story of Frida but it s not child friendly I wishes they could have focusedon her paintings instead of talking about her, near death experience and the loneliness she felt The pictures are beautiful and very colorful, just like her paintings.
This doesn t really seem like a kids story to me It talks about Frida being a lonely child, getting polio, getting into a horrible accident and nearly dying, and then living out a lifetime in pain and isolation and using her art as a means to alleviate some of her mental and physical suffering Kind of heavy stuff, yet my 1.
5 year old son absolutely loves this book and we read it at least once a day Not sure if he really gets the story, or if he just likes the beautiful, colorful and quirky illustrations Either way, it works for us I think I liked this bookthan my nieces At first, it was hard for my nieces to pick this book up because it is different than most children s books After a while they began to love the pictures and get into the story One niece is 3 and the other is 5 Now, they love the book Frida s story is very inspirational She is an example of how being different is a wonderful thing and inspires perseverance and imagination I literally cried when I read the back of the book where there is a short summary of Frida s life and everything she went through and still is one of the most influential figures in art and culture.

I purchased this book for my 8 year old niece who is learning Spanish I just received the book and I think it is going to be just perfect The story depicts the life of Frida and how she finds refuge from her solitude and, later, her pain, in her art The art in the book is absolutely beautiful I am sure parents reading it to their children will also thoroughly enjoy it The level of Spanish is easy enough for early learners yet there are several sentences on some pages, to help make it challenging, as well , yet the book is sophisticated enough not to bore slightly older children.
My niece is really into fairies, and I think the magic mystical nature of the images and their slight darkness will really capture her attention The story is also a nice lesson in sympathy for the sick and disabled In general, a great book for Spanish learners The book may not be as suitable for younger, native Spanish speaking children, as the art is a tad dark, even though they would understand the language aspect at an earlier age It certainly isn t at all disturbing, though I personally find it very intriguing I think this would be a great book for children around 5 years of age and older.
The Companion To The Author S Book, Diego Identifies The Tragedies And Suffering That Frida Kahlo Overcame Throughout Her Life By Using Her Skill As An Artist To Express Her Pain And Depression And Eventually, Her Joys And Triumphs Simultaneous