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Ý Forever . . . ✓ Download by ↠´ Judy Blume How have I not read this sooner I am almost 40 and only finished this today Better late than never I consider this book to be an education, therefore the first thing I was impressed with, with my edition being from 2005, was the author s entry at the beginning covering the absolutely essential updated requirements for safe and healthy sexual responsibility This was an easy read, a nice coming of age story, set in the mid seventies Our protagonist, Katherine was a very sensible 17 year old, whom I think had it quite easy as she did not fall too hard Or perhaps my memories were a tad different I really liked one of her observations where she was commenting on the healthy relationships of her parents and grandparents, knowing she was privy to a good foundation in having a good example to follow with her own relationships I adored the character of Artie I have never read a Judy Blume novel I know, something went wrong with that but will absolutely readPerhaps this one is not quite for my 12 and 13 year old daughters just yet, I ll pass it on in another couple of years I took this off their shelf for a change of reading material, and it was an excellent book.
I read this book because I m attempting to read or reread some classic YA books Now, I m a so so fan of Judy Blume, I know she has a lot of die hards out there I recently read Everything I Need to Know About Being a Girl I learned from Judy Blume but I guess I wasof a Beverly Cleary kid.
This book is about first loves and first sexual experiences The story itself was good, but I think Judy Blume left out a lot of details The boyfriend, Michael, is basically a horn dog who would do anything to try and talk Kath into putting out Kath is a girl who seems to devote her life to her boyfriend and put him above everything else Both qualities I really don t like in real people, let alone fictional characters All in all, I just think the story seemed rushed There needed to be longer scenes anddetails Take for instance Sybil, the fat friend who got pregnant Now, that s an interesting story in itself, and could have been a longer subplot But I think poor Sybil only got mentioned in a few paragraphs.
The lesson for any young girl here If you date a guy who calls his manhood Ralph, run in the opposite direction shudders To my dear friend, Christine s credit, she didn t recommend this personally I just shamelessly meddled with her shelves and found this novel You may as well proceed with her wonderful one line review if you want to avoid the rant y one coming your way But before the rant, let me just greet my sweet friend, A HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
I hope you re having the best time and even though I didn t like this novel, again, it s the thought that I read a book for you that counts, right Lol Some books we love, some we just don t It s a sad fact of life but still, cheers, Christine Now onto the review Allow me to spare you the suspense The story goes basically this way Adults go saying to the teenage character Here are some birth control tips Now go pop the cherry, roll in the hay, have a go at it You may get stoned a little too as long as there s adult supervision and remember, be responsible for your own actions possibly ending the statement with a wink, a smile and two thumbs up My pitiful eyes, they suffered from the innumerable number of times getting laid was mentioned in the entire story.
Now you may say, Pft It s Aj She s just too uptight and stuffy Though you may be a teeny, tiny bit right to say that and I m totally rolling my eyes at ya , it s not just the plot and the content of the story It s everything else The writing style is kind of dull and in my opinion, too lazy I wasn t a fan of the plain dialogue style or the diary of a 10 year old entry like narrations See below example My parents sleep early, usually at 10 00 to 11 00 pm My father works out at a gym four times a week and plays tennis every morning from 7 30 8 30 am It s not like I m a better writer but hey, I m not an author And the characters, oh don t even get me started with the characters I couldn t even mildly put it and say I couldn t relate with them Because in my strong personal opinion, they re just plain flat, unfeeling paper characters and I m so sorry that I couldn t even euphemize my descriptions to avoid cruelty but you must know, reviews like this one is really hard for me too and as much as I wanted to give this two stars, I just can t because two stars means it s okay but this is definitely not okay especially that awful Michael guy naming his thingy, Ralph And I liked Wreck it Ralph a lot Way to ruin his image for me Ugh Turns out this is a classic YA novel Beats me I should be able to appreciate and enjoy a book regardless of the time it s written That s what a good book s supposed to be at least for me.
they have sex it does not last forever.
at the end, she is a bitch.
Wow, this retro re read project I ve taken on with my sister in snark, Vanessa, has become borderline INSUFFERABLE.
We had so much enthusiasm, Vanessa and I, as we compiled an informal list of our most decadent, dirty reads, the ones we hid back in the day from the probing eyes of teachers and had covers that were worn from so many adolescent girls hands.
Once, our inexperienced selves considered these books titilating as experienced adults I havelikely considered how did this nonsense ever get published Our last two, Flowers in the Attic and Fear of Flying were so over the top awful, you could only assume that a publishing house was pushing the envelope, hoping the sex would sell it did, in both cases , but this one, Forever, provokes the most head scratching confusion of the bunch I know, from much personal experience, that Judy Blume knows how to write, knows how to develop characters, and knows how to write dialogue.
So what happened here Yes, there are sex scenes and sexual information in this story that appeared in the dark ages of 1975 that caused many a teen girl to reach out her hand in quiet desperation, and there s a bit of an education to be gained here for the average adolescent.
But, good God, this was boring Bor ing And, the book s not only boring it contained zero character development, zero plot points of interest and dialogue that sounded like it was being read by the characters from a teleprompter.
This entire book reads like a pamphlet from Parent Parenthood rather than a story Three stars for teaching young women about the importance of birth control.

What do you do when the love of your life.
isn t Forever answers that question with a simple and unflinching response you move on Kath and Michael meet at a party and quickly fall into a very physical romance After roughly a few months, Kath finally gets up the courage to have sex with Michael, believing she is in love and that she and Michael will last forever Michael too feels he and Kath are meant to be, so they flounder along in their romance, discovering each others bodies and holding onto their assertions that they will prove everyone wrong and stand the test of time I ve seen a lot of reviewers complain about many things in this book, with most of those complaints revolving around the behavior of Kath and Michael I m going to address the ones I find most amusing, in no particular order 1 They talk about how in love they are, but they don t even know each other very well Is this not how the majority of teens think and behave How many times have you heard a teenage girl utter words of total devotion regarding a boy she s never even spoken to A teenager is essentially a child trapped in an almost adult body Their brains haven t caught up with their bodies, and their bodies are essentially out of control The fact that these two haven t known each other very long and barely know each other at all even though they think they do was purposeful Blume was trying to get across the very simple fact that young love isn t often very deep In fact, I find it rather silly when I read about a girl who is 16 or 17 and in the midst of some great love affair for the ages It s silly 2 Michael is such a horndog and pressures Kath into having sex And I really don t understand this complaint about the book since Michael is a 17 year old boy It s called reality, ladies Grown men are horndogs 17 year old boys, however, arelike hornmonsters Seriously, fill a bag up with nothing but hormones, give it teeth, douse it in gasoline and set it on fire That is a teenage boy As far as him pressuring Kath into having sex, that is also fairly realistic If I started making out with a guy, let him up my shirt and down my pants, even going so far as to play with Ralph we ll get to that in a moment , then pulled away not for the first time to utter again how I wasn t ready.
I would not only expect some whining, I d expect a guy to be a little angry I m not saying this is acceptable behavior, and if you asked most guys they d tell you that they rethan willing to wait as long as they have to This does not, however, mean they won t whine when they get so close only to be rebuffed By the time they ve gotten down a girl s pants, they re so revved up that they can only see one thing Imagine you re in the desert and you re parched, thisclose to dying of thirst You see an oasis ahead of you Your prayers have been answered You run, stumble, crawl to that cold, life giving fluid as quickly as you can only for someone to yank it away and say, Nope, sorry, not ready yet For guys, this is pretty close to the equivalent Especially teen guys I m not trying to unfairly pigeonhole anyone here, and I know there sto teen guys than just sex I m merely saying it s usually a very large part of their everyday thoughts Michael didn t force Kath to have sex with him, she did relent , but she had wanted to relent since the beginning When they finally had sex, it was merely because Kath didn t chicken out again.
3 Kath made her whole life about Michael It was stupid Yes, it was stupid And again, it was purposeful I made my entire life about a boy when I was a teenager I m willing to bet you did, as well If you didn t, you re the exception, not the norm For girls in particular, sex often fosters a fake sentiment, attaching us to our first like he s some sort of Greek god on whom our very existence depends I actually witnessed this in Kath She was enad with Michael before they had sex, but afterwards she was almost psychotically obsessed with him.
4 Kath said she loved Michael, but after a few weeks away from him, she just willingly gave him up Again, you re missing a very important point The point That, at 17, you may not be ready for forever That what a teenage girl might think is an everlasting love might look different once a few other factors come into play In the beginning, Kath and Michael were insulated from the outside world They hadn t had to go out into it yet When Kath did, she met someone else and realized that Michael wasn t the only person in the world she could have a relationship with Once that sunk in, she started to wonder if she really did love him at all Then she started to think that maybe, just maybe, it was OK to have someone for a little while, then move on with your life This is a lesson most teenagers do eventually learn It s not easy, but it s often necessary 5 Michael named his penis Ralph That is so disgusting Double standard much I ve seen women give their breasts and or vaginas names and that s perfectly OK, but a guy giving his penis a name is somehow disgusting OK, so let s say you think girls who name their body parts are disgusting, as well To you I say lighten up Life is too short to find fault with something so completely innocuous So he named his penis, what guy hasn t, at least jokingly, called his penis by a name Sometimes a girlfriend names it Gasp Seriously, people, if this is one of the reasons you dislike this book, I will gladly hand you two quarters one so you can go buy yourself a clue and the other so you can hire someone to pull that rod out of your ass Phallus naming is not new, it s not rare, and it can oftentimes be hilarious But the thing I really don t understand is how this part of the book has come to be used as proof of how bad the book is It s realistic I guess if you re not a huge fan of reality, however, it could be a bit problematic Just try and forgive Ms Blume s audacity.
6 The sex scenes were too descriptive, I don t want my daughters reading this trash This is a pretty common sentiment, unfortunately I say it s unfortunate because I believe young girls should be as informed as possible regarding sex long before they begin to seriously consider participating in it This book is not pornographic, it s descriptive It doesn t glorify the act of sex, it presents it in a rather realistic light Almost painfully realistic at times Kath expresses disappointment about her first time She had been expecting it to be perfect No one s first time is ever perfect Anyone who tells you their first time was perfect is probably lying to you It s awkward, embarrassing, and uncomfortable Further, women who refer to sex scenes as trash or any other common noun expressing distaste are usually uncomfortable with the topic in general, not just as it relates to teenagers As a society, we ve spent far too many years ashamed of our bodies and terrified of sex There is absolutely nothing wrong with the act itself, it s merely been demonized and perverted beyond the point of recognition by insecure people So if you don t want your children reading something like this, that s fine Just remember how ashamed you felt the first time you ever touched a penis or yourself and ask yourself if those feelings of shame were at all right or justified Why should anyone feel ashamed of sex Only human beings could take something as wonderful and necessary as sexual intercourse and turn it into something shameful and filthy This is not a fantasy There aren t any sparkly metrosexual vampires guarding the heroine s virtue while simultaneously watching her sleep This is a book about two 17 year olds who meet, like each other, hook up, fall prey to their misguided, immature conceptions of what love is, then have to deal with what their relationship is once faced with reality It s shallow, yes, because teens are usually pretty shallow It s sexual, again, because teens are pretty sexual It s also over rather quicklylike the majority of teenage relationships.
Judy Blume has always excelled at writing about issues that are relevant to teens Her plainspoken characters dealing with everyday contemporary topics offer relatable reads that get right to the heart of the matter Here she takes the reader into that first real relationship, that first love, and that first sexual experience.
While some say there is no plot or character development in this novel, I find that to be Blume s point she perfectly illustrates the shallowness of most teen relationships There is no story to follow because there is no substance in the relationship Although the carefree lovers would disagree, there isn t depth or breadth to the relationship you can t get to know a person when you only explore your mutual physical interest in each other Michael and Katherine epitomize teenage lust in all senses physical, psychological, and emotional I enjoyed re reading this classic from my teen years I suspect I am rating this higher than my younger self might have because I can see and appreciate the lessons Blume is trying to impart I do remember enjoying it as a teen, although most likely forimmature reasons Does it stand the test of time Would today s teens find relevance in the story Yes, I think so There are a few dated references, but I think teens especially females would enjoy reading this tale of first love Hopefully they re savvy enough to pick up Blume s inferred lessons.
How depressing.
Keeping in mind this book was published in the mid 70s, it s still incredibly relevant to today s society In fact, apart from the absence of conspicuous technology like cell phones, this could have taken place in the 2000s It s a timeless story, and the reason it s getting such a low rating from me is purely personal Michael reminded me of the ex boyfriend who broke my heart and whom I still have nightmares about years later A pushy sex obsessed hormonal teenage boy who pressures Kath into giving up her virginity under the guise of forever She clearly didn t want to sleep with him even though she was into him and he just kept pushing and pushing until she gave in.
And look, I m among the first to be critical of teenage forever love I was burned there as well I don t necessarily want to read a book that reminds me of thepainful emotional times in my life I don t necessarily want to read a book that waits until marriage for the sexual relationship to begin But I was very uncomfortable reading this when the focus was on sexual love and not the intimate emotional connection And even when you think they re getting emotionally intimate,Kath changes her mind purely because she meets another guy while she s away at summer camp Sure, she seems a lot like a typical teenager and I don t mean to insult my teenage friends but you guys are hardly typical and I guess that s the whole point of the book This situation will have happened to a lot of young people and it will keep on happening to a lot of young people.
And yeah, I totally hate Kath s parents What right do they have to tell her what to do once she reaches eighteen They sabotage her relationship and for no reason other than it s her first They weren t even dating for that long There was nothing about Michael they didn t like except that maybe he and Kath were sexually active Breaking up your child s relationship just because they re sexually active isn t going to return your little girl to the untouched virgin she was She ll just find another guy.
Oh and look Kath does.
Maybe it just wasn t for me because I m in my mid twenties, but by my judgement I think it d be a wonderful novel for a young teenager beginning to explore relationships and sexuality Judy Blume certainly never shied away from the important issues and if it weren t for these uber realistic young adult novels coming out in the 70s, I don t know where we d be now.
Edit on 12 11 2011 To anyone who s got a problem with this review 1 Yes, I know that this book was a big deal when it was released That doesn t mean that when I read it in this day and age that I m going to judge it by it s historical significance I definitely appreciate it but it doesn t change the fact that I read it when I did and didn t like it and I don t want to have to constantly justify myself for that Let s ignore the fact that that s precisely what I m doing with this edit Right 2 I know that this book s supposed to be an accurate portrayal of love at the age of seventeen and for that I should cut it some slack, but I just recently turned eighteen and I ve got a good idea of what most teenagers think love to be, and what I think it s supposed to be, and with all that in mind I can t, for the life of me, abide the portrayal of love in this book I did not enjoy reading it at all and it annoyed the bajeezus out of me, and nothing will change that.
3 Guys might go around naming their underparts but I m always going to think that s disgusting.
Okay, yeah, so maybe I should explain the 1 star if you ve been following my reviews, you ll know that I rarely give books a 1 star rating I m not that hard to please as a reader, and I hate giving one of Judy Blume s books 1 star I used to love her MG books as kid, from what I can recall anyway But the thing is, I don t think there was a SINGLE redeeming factor in this book for me Let me list a brief list of the reasons 1 THE WRITINGGG It was so bland and unimaginative, and it was really hard to picture the scenes sometimes And the dialogue could be VERY corny at times But maybe what bothered me most was the CONSTANT use of ellipses I mean, you know ellipses have this really annoying effect they make the reader keep taking pauses and in this book there was one in practically EVERY FRIGGIN SENTENCE OMG Argggggg.
2 The characters I didn t give a shizz about a single one of them, NOT ONE Kath was boooooooring and Michael was the horniest male love interest of all time I mean, yeah, teens are all lusty and hormonal and blah blah blah Hi 17 year old speaking here , but this man takes it to a whole new level Which brings me to 3 I wasn t particularly impressed with love s portrayal in this book I mean, to me, there was zilch chemistry between the characters and even so, it felt to me like Kath wasinto screwing Michael because he wanted it so bad rather than her own desire to do it The sex in this book is also REALLY explicit I m no prude, but come on, all that describing takes away all the romance in the scene Oh and, Michael calls his you know what RALPH Dude Seriously I get why this book is important for the time it was written in that didn t stop me from blitzing through it to finally get over with it Thankfully, it s super short and I won it in a contest, so I m not that miffed I m not saying no one should read this book cause it s aaaaawfulll a lot of people seem to really like it but it just wasn t for me.
Katherine And Michael Meet At A New Year S Eve Party They Re Attracted To Each Other, They Grow To Love Each Other And Once They Ve Decided Their Love Is Forever, They Make LoveIt S The Beginning Of An Intense And Exclusive Relationship, With A Future All Planned Until Katherine S Parents Insist That She And Michael Put Their Love To The Test With A Summer Apart Forever Is Written For An Older Age Group Than Judy Blume S Other Novels For Children It Caused A Storm Of Controversy When It Was First Published Because Of Its Explicit Sexual Content