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× Dragonwell Dead (A Tea Shop Mystery, #8) ✓ Download by ↠´ Laura Childs Laura Childs has great descriptive talent to allow you to visualize settings You can pratically taste and smell the foods at the tea shop I was surprised as to who the murderer was Really enjoyed the part where they went searching for the orchids in the swamp.
This one involves a rice mill, a hedge maze, a rare orchid, a plant auction, arson, and murder I liked the plant hunt and old house The owners were humorous The mystery was intriguing I knew who did it but no why That was a surprise Of course, the setting and food and teas were delightful That s stayed consistent.
It S Springtime In Charleston And Just About Every Species Of South Carolina S Flora Is In Full And Glorious Bloom At The Spring Plantation Ramble Once A Year, The Upper Crust Open Their Sprawling Gardens To The Public, The Site Of Flower Shows, Rare Plant Auctions, And A Contagious Spring Fever Although Theodosia Browning Barely Knows A Phalinopsis From A Bog Rose, She Still Enjoys The Ramble, Especially Since She Can Pour Tea And Promote Her Indigo Tea Shop And Her Latest Concoction, Dragonwell Sweet Tea Another edition of the Tea Shop Mysteries by one of my favorite authors I love each visit I can make to the tea shop with Theo and Drayton Again I do not care for Haley There was a new character in this book that I did like and hope to seeof the intern Charlie I really like how Parker and Theo get to work events together and that we see them interacting together Delanie continued to annoy me with her antics There were two people oneso than the other that I had pegged for the murder but I was way off base after the author revealed who the killer was One thing I did find a little off was how much Sheriff Billings let Theo be involved in the investigation and how much information that he shared with her It was nice for her though I am looking forward to the next book in this series.
This one was much better than the last few entries in the series, but that s no lofty bar to clear Once again, a solid buildup was ruined by a wobbly conclusion I m well aware that these are the literary equivalents of Murder, She Wrote episodes, with the town do gooder and busybody sussing out the unexpected villain and engaging in a pulse pounding denouement in a dark, secluded spot where nothing can save her but her pluck and wits, but Childs conclusions are especially formulaic and one note, and I m tired of the obligatory scene wherein everyone gathers around to coo and twit over how amazing and perfect and heroic Theodosia is I get it She farts truth and justice, and it smells like tea and scones with thick Devonshire cream, natch I just don t care.
So many loose ends never get resolved What was the significance of those matching elephants Or the box Theo never looked through Why did Gwyn think Theodosia pointed the finger at Angie Congdon for the arson at Featherbed House Did Angie share that suspicion, or was Gwyn just popping off on her sister s behalf Why did Drayton s pique at having an intern dissolve with neither explanation nor acknowledgment Why was the idea of a buying trip never mentioned again Those two things seemed to be setting the stage for Drayton to have a crisis of faith, but nothing ever came of them.
Childs has solid ideas, but her execution often fails her, and it s a shame Thank heavens for the library because these aren t worth paying for.
The usual easy reading The characters in this series seem like caricatures There s Delaine, proprietor of a clothing shop no doubt a classy boutique who flounces around melodramatically, coercing everyone else into doing her bidding There s Drayton, who likes very tailored clothes, antiques of a certain calibre and flouncing around the teashop melodramatically, and being far ruder than I would expect from any adult, let alone the distinguished type Drayton is meant to be, if someone else is allowed to encroach upon his tea shop territory There s a woman called Celerie, there s Timothy Neville, the pushy old guy who runs the Heritage Society, and there s Haley relatively normal except for her cooking ability , and Theodosia, who investigates the frequent deaths of acquaintances, and who goes above the actual detectives heads if she doesn t believe that they are up to scratch Theodosia gets a few ideas about who might have dunnit, but as seems to be the case with lots of these cosy mysteries, view spoiler she doesn t actually work it out, just antagonises and accuses a few other people, and then she finds out who the perpetrator is when he lures her away, somehow believing that she knows or will know that it was him This, despite his so far successful attempt to frame someone else for the murder, and her willingness to be lured, which shows that she doesn t see him as a lunatic killer hide spoiler .
This woman sleuth happens to own a tea shop Who knew there were so many different types of tea and ways to serve them Not me, this series has taught me something there.
Theo stays busy, busy, busy But she always finds time to investigate the current murder Each book delivers a cozy read for enjoyable entertainment This one did not really appeal to me for reasons I m unable to pinpoint at this time.
Each book is able to stand on its own and deliver an HEA, which is an important attribute in a series when I chose to read it.

I got this off the new book shelf at the library and enjoyed it so muchthan I thought I would While a bit of a light read, it was very entertaining I ve already got her other books in this sereis on hold.
I enjoyed this outing with Theo and the gang I m not a tea drinker but don t mind the tea talk and especially always love hearing about what Haley is serving in the tea shop that day The lemon jumbles she was making sounded so good I had to go peek in the back to see if the recipe was there it was The mystery was good and while I didn t figure it out ahead of time I could tell when they were suspecting the wrong person.
Book 8 in the Tea Shop Mysteries Theodosia is a successful entrepreneur who runs a tea shop in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina The theme for this book is orchids The Indigo Tea Shop is catering a Spring event where society members are showing off and auctioning on prized orchids Things are going smoothly until Theo s friend, Mark Congdon, suffers what appears to be a heart attack Mark s widow, Angie, suspects her husband was poisioned, so Theo and the gang set out to unravel the mystery I was definitely surprised by the ending