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[Judith Krantz] Î Dazzle [atlases PDF] Ebook Epub Download í Krantz virgin gives it 4 starsYes it s my first timeshrugsOverall good storyline with intriguing dysfunctional family dynamics interesting insights into the world of professional photography Unique rugged California ranch setting full of billionaire jet setters However, a bit disappointed that protag gets so caught up in family drama that she abandons professional photography Quite unbelievably, every male character that our protag encounters falls hopelessly madly in love with her The surprisingly raunchy sex scenes were a bit much Spoiler alert happy ending Frutto di una mia devianza da lettrice C stato un periodo anni 90 in cui la valvola di sfogo dall ossessione pubblicitaria che imperava al lavoro e permeava ogni cellula cerebrale alla ricerca del mito creativo se penso che ci sdilinquivamo per Liscia gasata o Ferrarelle , e ci portavano ad esempio Sfbrizzola il velopendulo, autentico orrore di un era che fu, per non parlare di leggende come Passaparola Perlana, che oggi mi fa ribrezzo per la mancanza di qualsiasi corrispondenza al prodotto era leggere Judith Krantz e le sue incredibili eroine, che riuscivano a fare le peggio cose continuando a brillare come smeraldi cit riferita ai loro occhi Preferivo Judith a Harold Robbins perch lei aveva un discreto talento per le descrizioni e per intrecci che mantenevano sempre un bombone di romanticismo ma rimanevano sempre assolutamente basic.
Inside The Fun Filled Photographers Studio In California Known As Dazzle, Jazz Kilkullen Reigns Supreme At Twenty Nine, This Playful, Gifted, And Thoroughly Sexy Woman Has Become One Of The Most Successful Celebrity Portrait Photographers In The WorldBut Her Charmed Career And Her Dashing Private Life, Which Includes Three Fascinating And Fascinated Men, Are Rocked When An Unexpected Tragedy Leaves Jazz To Battle Her Father S Vengeful Ex Wife And The Machinations Of Her Own Half Sisters At Stake Is The Kilkullen Family Ranch, A Three Billion Dollar Paradise Of Unspoiled California Land That Developers All Over The World Would Do Anything To Possess And Jazz Will Do Anything To Protect Absolutely Anything This book has been sitting in my book shelf for probably 2 years My aunt always gives me books she had read I think I used to use Judith Krantz in my teens young 20 s Just from reading the back of the book, I know it s below my reading standards of today I like to think I have moved on since then, but I would also like to get it off my shelf and get rid of it at my next book exchange or a yard sell, so here goes Well, I got through the book, somehow, thank goodness Talk about smut Did I really read such trash when I was a teenager young 20 s Do women still read these types of stories today How could they ahhhh The characters are not believable Who the heck uses the word Darling It reminded me of Cinderalla her two evil step sisters and didn t I laugh when it was even mentioned in the story itself I skipped over paragraphs, I skipped over pages of just mindless unimportant details These characters are so superficial 502 pages of garbage And of course it all ends Happily Ever After, no surprise there.
This book has disappointed me in so many levels The characters are totally unrealistic, there is too much unnecessary information, and the story is totally over the top But the thing that annoyed me most was the ending Anyone could assume there was a happy ending but did it need to be so illogical and unreasonable A total waste of time.
I read it just to see what the fuss was about This book is considered one of the worst books ever written and it is not that It IS alot like a Jackie Collins novel that is not always a bad thing The theme is as old as time.
two sisters fighting each other, one good and one.
pretty rotten.
I would be lying if I said I hated it In fact it was n ot all that bad So many books are overated but some can be under rated too This is just a typical sort of smutty glam sisters arguing type of book Believe me I have read much worse and I am sure you have too.
A much too long, drawn out account of three sisters who inherit a large piece of land in California that has belonged to their family for generations The question throughout the book, even before their father was killed, is should the land be sold to createurban sprawl but make Valerie, her sister Fernanda, and their mother, divorced from Mike Kilkullen, super wealthy Or keep the land, as Mike Kilkullen and generations before him have always wanted Much of this book introduces us to the characters the Kilkullen family Jazz is a famous photographer, working with two other photographers taking pictures of food and cars in a building called Dazzle She meets a famous actor, Sam while photographing him and they become an item for a little while We learn that Jazz has always been interested in photography Her mother, second wife of Mike Kilkullen, was a famous actress, killed in a car accident while filming a movie During college, Jazz meets a photojournalist, Tony Gabriel They fall in love and travel the world together, the only benefit to Jazz being all the photography experience she ll gain and need for her career When Tony leaves her on their wedding day, it forces Jazz to come back to the ranch with her father, and work her way up in the world of photography One big disappointment I had, that many books I ve read do, is why oh why does the main character s main love interest have to be with some distant cousin So we meet Casey, who wants to learn about ranching, so he becomes the Cow Boss of the ranch Jazz seems confused about him throughout the book, even thinking she really isn t in love with him, but by the end of the book I guess the wedding will still take place someday We learn a bit about Jazz s half sisters Valerie tries to keep up appearances in New York Her husband has basically lost all of his money being unknowledgeable about it So Valerie designs rooms for homes Fernanda has gone through onedivorce after another, realizing that all along it wasn t her faultit was the men To make a long story short, the ranch will not be sold to Hong Kong investors Jazz would like to create a town on part of the land, and even though the profitsfrom this idea won t be seen for a while, her half sisters suddenly love this idea, see Jazz for who she really is, and will have no problems telling their mother that her dream of sharing the big inheritance will be gone.
If you love the 1990 syou ll get a kick out of this book too I remember the pleasure of reading Judith Krantz in my younger days those trashy melodramas like Scruples and Princess Daisy, so when I came across a copy of Dazzle, I opened it with enthusiasm Ostensibly, the story of Jazz, a famous photographer, it rapidly becomes a family saga Very little of it happens in the present We are flung from back story to back story to build up the history of Jazz s family ranch It s not bad and there are the purple passages where Krantz details the characters sexual antics with as much care as their life histories At times it s bogged down with history, and no one is as mean to anyone else as I would have expected, but there s a romantic seam running through it, leading to a satisfying conclusion I wasn t Dazzled exactly but I was mildly entertained.

I read this book for my Trash Book Club, where each of us got to choose our own Judith Krantz novel In retrospect, I wish I d picked one of Krantz sfamous novels, such as Scruples or Princess Daisy or I ll Take Manhattanbut alas, I had purchased this novel at a used book store, and I figured a Krantz is a Krantz is a Krantz.
The novel is called Dazzle So is the building in which the main character is employed One would surmise, then, that the novel is about the place of work No, it is not It appears that Krantz was so enamoured with the title of the business that it doubled as the title of the novel In fact, Dazzle the business is a tiny tiny part of the story, which surrounds mostly a dispute over an inheritance, and the preceding events that lead up to the squabble As a gay man, I realize that I am not Krantz s targeted demographic, but I still enjoyed the story enough to push through I even found her scenes of eroticism fairly titillating But this is probably the first, and last, Krantz novel that I ll read.
I wondered why I stopped reading her books Now I know why.