º COCO CHANEL (Little People, Big Dreams) Ò Download by Û Isabel Sanchez Vegara

º COCO CHANEL (Little People, Big Dreams) Ò Download by Û Isabel Sanchez Vegara Wow! Such lovely books.
I didn't expect them to be such goood quality hard backs.
The illustrations inside are wonderful and captivating.
The writing in each page is short and to the point so great for little ears and young readers.
Plus I've learnt from them too.
Will be buying more of this series.
In This New Series, Discover The Lives Of Outstanding People From Designers And Artists To Scientists All Of Them Went On To Achieve Incredible Things, Yet All Of Them Began Life As A Little Child With A Dream The First Book Follows Coco Chanel, From Her Early Life In An Orphangewhere She Is A Genius With Needle And Threadto Her Time As A Cabaret Singer, Hat Maker, And, Eventually, International Fashion Designer This Inspiring And Informative Little Biography Comes With Extra Facts About Coco's Life At The Back But this books acts like 'being different' makes you amazing.
Different from what? It's a pretty boring story.
She is 'different' a lot, makes some dresses, makes a hat, and that's about it.
And who are these books for? Too adult and dull for kids, too simplistic for anyone other than infantile grown ups who prefer pictures to words.
All seems a bit like forcing a PC agenda down kids necks than actually entertaining them.
I love the ‘Little People Big Dreams’ series of books so I was excited to see this version for little ones.
The story is simple but still interesting and the illustrations are lovely.
It looks great on the book shelf and it’s got tough pages for little hands to turn.
My daughter loves it.
This is a truly wonderful book for little ones, and to encourage creativity and art.

Lovely pictures to along with the sma story.


Las ilustraciones son muy buenas y el texto resume muy bien la vida del personaje.

El vocabulario es sencillo con frases sencillas.
This range of books is pure enjoyment.
Beautifully written and illustrated.
It’s a pleasure to watch my children’s faces whilst they learn about people who have been so influential in our world.
My daughter knows how much I love Chanel No 5 (smells so good!) and NOW she understands who created the scent and why she is so important in the history of fashion and women in business.