☆ Chinese Cinderella (A Puffin Book) Ù Download by ↠´ Adeline Yen Mah

☆ Chinese Cinderella (A Puffin Book) Ù Download by ↠´ Adeline Yen Mah Poignant memoir of a woman growing up in WWII era transitional China With a cruel and narcissistic Stepmother and an almost equally cruel, clueless and uncaring father she was destined to be a hapless victim By hard work, persistence, some timely encouragement from other family members and kindly nuns she turned despair into triumph A close look into traditional Chinese culture and family values makes this book educational as well as touching read it and learn what can be overcome and survived by determination and willpower Chinese Cinderella Is An Autobiography For Children Based On The Bestselling Falling Leaves By Adeline Yen MahJung Ling S Family Considers Her Bad Luck Because Her Mother Died Giving Birth To Her They Discriminate Against Her And Make Her Feel Unwanted Yet She Yearns And Continuously Strives For Her Parents Love Her Stepmother Is Vindictive And Cruel And Her Father Dismissive Jung Ling Grows Up To Be An Academic Child, With A Natural Ability For Writing Only Her Aunt And Grandfather Offer Her Any Love And Kindness The Story Is Of Survival In The Light Of The Mental And Physical Cruelty Of Her Stepmother And The Disloyalty Of Her Siblings Jung Ling Blossoms In Spite Of Everything And The Story Ends As Her Father Agrees To Let Her Study In EnglandThis Is A Reissue In The A Puffin Book Series Of Puffin Children S Modern Classics It is a nice book to read I bought this book for my daughter for her AR reading My daughter heard about this book from her friend and she decided to read it too My daughter started talking about the story and characters in the book This got me start reading it as well There were some historical facts and interesting Chinese traditions in the book This book sparked a lot of conversation between us The result of reading this book, my daughter and I did some research about foot binding and we learntabout that It is interesting book, although it is predictable at times but it is enjoyable enough My daughter said her other friend borrowed the book to read as well.
A very tragic but powerful story I bought this book because I m a speaker and my signature talk is on the Cinderella fairy tale I wanted to read this book as a resource for my talk and my two Cinderella books atThis is an amazing book Your heart goes out to her, especially when her poor little duck dies and she is so rejected and unloved by her stepmother, and even her father and siblings It ends on a positive note Adversity often is the springboard for our greatness to come forth Inspiring read.

A well written and beautifully written book My son s school recommended it for a summer reading project He likes the book a lot and I love it, too We discussed how Adeline s hidden character and fortitude are inspirational Her strength gave her the ability to continually hope It is hard to read at times and I remember physically wincing Parts of the author s memoir reminded me of a book I read, Under The Same Sky by Joseph Kim Hope and desire for a life with love are strong, common threads This book helped my early teen son understand the human need for love outside of his need, as well as how powerful the need for love is I did not want to put this book down, so I read it rather quickly My son also did not want to put it down We both are inspired by Adeline s wisdom and survival skills Her acceptance of her position pushed her hard toward high academic achievement, as a way to be loved and accepted by her dad She is a hero for not quitting, for not accepting defeat no matter how bleak things were Thankfully she had everyday heroes in her life She chose their support and help for that she was brave It is honorable that she used her intelligence, talents, and painful childhood to motivate herself for a better life that led her into an occupation that serves others Her writing talent is wonderful to experience My son and I learned about the difference between the written Chinese language and the spoken ones Her explanations and examples of how the written language is expressed in pictures made it much less intimidating to learn for me She presented it in such a way that I easily learned words and phrases from her book This memoir is also full of historical facts The author takes readers on a journey to places and situations as though we were actually there.
The book made me think and for that I am grateful.
Chinese Cinderella The True Story of Unwanted DaughterChinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, tells her childhood story of being a young, Chinese girl living in an unvenial household Her family was so abusive and unfair, you can hardly believe her story was a true story Like the fairytale Cinderella, Adeline has an abusive stepmother, who she calls Niang, who is favored among many for her Chinese and French heritage and has a passionate hatred towards Adeline Her own father, treats her like garbage and even forgets Adeline s name Adeline watches the rest of her siblings get treated generously, while she is left in the shadows However, she hides her true heart and never speaks of the abusive home life to her fellow peers Instead she rises from the ashes and is the top of her class in school Knowing that one day, she will be able to make someone out of the beaten and bruised girl she is.
Personally, what I enjoyed about the book was how the author was able to produce strong emotions towards characters from the readers Whilst reading her story, I felt a burning hatred towards the people who would treated Adeline wrong Or in other situations, I d find myself beaming when Adeline triumphs Her story was inspiring to read, and she is a strong young woman, who wanted to make a life out of herself, even though she is living in the 1940s I would also recommend the book if you are wanting to learnabout the Chinese culture Throughout the story, she uses Chinese dialects, talks about the ceremonies they go to, and the Communist government that surrounds her.