Trailer Ô Biomechanics: Mechanical Properties of Living Tissues PDF by ð Y C Fung

Trailer Ô Biomechanics: Mechanical Properties of Living Tissues PDF by ð Y C Fung The book condition is great Thanks The Objective Of This Book Remains The Same As That Stated In The First Edition To Present A Comprehensive Perspective Of Biomechanics From The Stand Point Of Bioengineering, Physiology, And Medical Science, And To Develop Mechanics Through A Sequence Of Problems And Examples My Three Volume Set Of Bio Mechanics Has Been Completed They Are Entitled Biomechanics Mechanical Properties Of Living Tissues Biodynamics Circulation And Biomechanics Motion, Flow, Stress, And Growth And This Is The First Volume The Mechanics Prerequisite For All Three Volumes Remains At The Level Of My Book A First Course In Continuum Mechanics Rd Edition, Prentice Hall, Inc , In The Decade Of The S The Field Of Biomechanics Expanded Tremen Dously New Advances Have Been Made In All Fronts Those That Affect The Basic Understanding Of The Mechanical Properties Of Living Tissues Are Described In Detail In This Revision The References Are Brought Up To Date I purchased this for my cousin for overseas She couldn t find it there.

I bought this book while in a course on the mechanics of complex fluids I needed a book, dealing with blood rheology in a continuum mechanical approach My professor suggested that I pick up this volume.
I found the book to be very readable The writing style is clear and succinct Each chapter contains mathematical, as well as historical, treatment of the topic Although I bought this book for the chapters on blood rheology, I continued reading through the book for my own amusement.
I bought this book used, for around 40 At that price, this book was a good investment.
However, I think I will prefer hard copy of any academic books in future since it will be easier to have a quick browse and find specific sections.