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[Anne McCaffrey] ✓ All the Weyrs of Pern [erotic-historical-romance PDF] Read Online ↠´ Epic and ambitious, as I remembered it, but also flawed inways than one The sexism that so annoyed me in the previous books was evenpresent here, and there were some clumsy inconsistencies in plot and naming that were distracting Nonetheless, hail Pern and its dragons a wonderful world.
Pern dragons in space What s not to like Definitely a favorite For Generations, The Dragonriders Had Dedicated Their Lives To Fighting Thread, The Dreaded Spores That Periodically Rained From The Sky To Ravage The Land On The Backs Of Their Magnificent Telepathic Dragons They Flew To Flame The Deadly Stuff Out Of The Air Before It Could Reach The Planet S Surface But The Greatest Dream Of The Dragon Riders Was To Find A Way To Eradicate Thread Completely, So That Never Again Would Their Beloved Pern Be Threatened With DestructionNow, For The First Time, It Looked As If That Dream Could Come True For When The People Of Pern, Led By Masterharper Robinton And F Lar And Lessa, Weyrleader And Weyrwoman Of Benden Weyr, Excavated The Ancient Remains Of The Planet S original Settlement, They Uncovered The Colonist S Voice Activated Artificial Intelligence System Which Still Functioned And The Computer Had Incredible News For Them There Was A Chance A Good Chance That They Could, At Long Last, Annihilate Thread Once And For All This was a really good story, the first time I read it I found the direction the author had taken her world in surprising Pern was settled by colonists from Earth and the technology lost into the pre industrial, agrarian society that the reader knew so well from Dragonflight and the other Dragon books In All The Weyrs, the original landing site of the colonists is uncovered and it holds amazing things The settlers were forced to flee the Southern continent and the landing site due to volcanic activity so it is all there to be uncovered by the curious Peimur and Jaxom I gather that the previous book which I don t have sets the story for how they come to be excavating there, but I got along well enough without that information In the facility they come across a dormant but still functioning voice activated computerised system which had been tasked with finding a way of eliminating thread, Avias is still active and keen to get on with it s taskThe whole slant of the story, rapid education bringing the agrarian into the modern is an intriguing concept and well done The vast number of characters with their different interests and goals gives the reader a very multifaceted view of the developing society but the concentration on Jaxom and Ruth as main characters allows the story to continue in a linear fashion The slow steady progression toward elimination of thread using a very unexpected tactic is fun to watch and the social upheaval is interesting, if brief I cannot imagine a better swan song could be found for MasterHarper Robinton either.
The book suffers from a few issues first and foremost, do not even consider reading it if you have read none of the others There is virtually no attempt to establish or describe any of the characters, the assumption obviously, is that we already know them from previous books There is virtually no character development either, the characters go through a quite long time, with a lot of personal change and development, yet they remain identical on page 490 to what they were on page 9 That sameness that they remain is also invariably very wooden and two dimensional few if any characters are exempt So much so in fact, that knowing those characters from previous books one will occasionally wince a bit, because they used to bedynamic Obviously the story, not the characters was the focus of the author while writing While the story is good it is also long, this need not be a problem, but I feel that with further editing it didn t have to be quite as long because there is a fair bit of repetition at times and in places An example, in the early chapters Mirrim refers to my green Path EVERY time she mentions her dragon Yes, we know she is green, we know, she is yours, we know her name.
We do not need to read it on every single page Later in the book we get told over and over why Aivas did not help the settlers eliminate thread over, and over It might be an attempt to show us, the readers, how little people on Pern understood the concept Anyway it feels clumsy and repetitious There are a few plot holes, that are minor for the most part and one huge glaring one that is a view spoiler The dragons can survive as long as they hold their breath in space with no protection Nonsense That is absolutely not a minor plot hole Space is inimical to life, life that has evolved for a certain pressure goes pop at the wrong pressure and even the most resilient cannot survive in space, with no pressure at all hide spoiler Space dragons This is by far my favorite Pern book, and probably the last truly good one she wrote before they really started going downhill I love fantasy and I love sci fi, so you give me a story about traveling in space on a dragon and I am in heaven So many interesting ideas and concepts, about space travel, time travel, dragons, and all of my favorite Pernese characters, even Sorka and Sean Wonderful, wonderful book.
I was excited for this book because I thought it was going to uncover all the secrets of the Red Star and Thread Unfortunately not everything is actually understood view spoiler I had thought maybe Thread was some sort of offensive weapon by another alien race, but I guess that is way too cool for this series All they do is push the Red Planet out of orbit and wonder how Thread came to be I felt super unsatisfied hide spoiler That book was pretty awful, but I felt I had to get through it to finish the main thread of the story McCaffrey has no sense of climax, conflict, or tension The main conflict of the story was predistened to be succesful, and what should have been a thrilling climax turned out to be a littlethan an errand, followed by a little waiting to see what would happen McCaffrey frequently has this problem any real conflict is either resolved to quickly, or is hardly a conflict at all Characters solve all their problems immediately.
For example, the whole story of destroying thread for good doesn t create any dramatic tension, since the Dragonriders clearly have no problem stopping it once it falls There is no imminent threat or danger One of the only interesting bits, the kidnapping of Harper Robinton, is resovled so quickly and in such a one sided manner that it barely warranted attention A reader wants to see characters struggle and fight and strain, not be mildly inconvenienced The worst that happens to Jaxxon is that he gets tired and hungry Literally.
And don t get me started on her lack of desciption most of the time, I can t picture any of the characters or settings Sorry, Pern, but I won t be coming back.

During the reading of this book, I couldn t put it down At the end, I basically wanted to throw it across the room, cry out my hate of it and pretend I d never read it That being said, it wasn t because I hated the book itself I hated the irrevocably sad ending that nearly left me in tears I don t normally get that way with most books, but I had become attached to Robinton They have done what they set out to do in the beginning of the series destroy the threat of Thread However, this has fundamentally changed the Pernese society in that the AI they uncovered of the first settlers begins what could be considered a minor industrial re revolution Many Holders were reluctant at first, though some held on to that reluctance to the point of blatantly attempting to sabotage the efforts of AIVAS and those who were learning fromhim it.
In great courage, as always, Jaxom and the white dragon Ruth come through in the end with All the Weyrs of Pern to do what must be done.
I only wish that Anne McCaffrey were still alive to write .
Anne McCaffrey, aka the Dragonlady, had a way with words and worlds this book proves it Can t wait to read the next ones