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5 This book was hilarious The diary entries were the best, LOL The protagonist, Charlie, is a pathologically single made of honor for her little sis about to turn thirty gal She has a glamorous, high paying job, as she works for one of Hollywood s top celebrities, but her track record with man is disastrous She s writing a diary for her great grandniece with advices for dating, and life in general.
I enjoyed this book Charlie s family is nuts, and Charlie herself is super funny.
The books leaves a lot of things hanging, but since I ve seen there s a follow up book it s understandable I ll bring this book back to the library and borrow the second chapter, as I m not about to spend 9.
99 for an eBook I think some authors are a bit crazy with their pricing, I m going to start a new shelf Borrow it it s too expensive Things I didn t like, hence the deduction of.
5 star Her bestis are a bit of a riddle I didn t get Dawn at all, she was confusing, and at times a bit obnoxious Didn t like her that much She would definitely not be my best friend Kate was ok, but sometimes hard to believe Drew, the Hollywood star, was portrayed a bit too insecure to be credible I mean, I don t think that one of the sexiest men alive, rich to boot, and as successful as it gets would be such a pushover with women, and such a chaser, for that matter This characterization bugged me a little, but other than that, he was a really nice guy, funny, and with the odd pearl of wisdom here and there.
Fav quote We laugh, then down our shots It s going to be a night to regret I love nights like this Fav life philosophy I mean, why not just roll the fitted sheet in a ball and throw it in your linen closet I have to share with you some of my favorite diary entries, I ll put them in spoiler mode so that if you still haven t read the book I will not spoil your fun view spoiler Sometimes, when you re single, it s good to make your married friends jealous Spend a night listening to the bartender problems No matter how successful you are, no one can work out for you When someone presents you with a gift, no matter how strange, do not respond with Huh Yikes or What the hell is this The heart has a mind of his own hide spoiler The writing s pretty funny but it s not for me Maybe because it s an older book, most of the advices and philosophies struck a wrong chord with me The mc has all the qualities I hate in a protagonist So, 2.
5 stars.
Struggling to deal with serving as maid of honor at her younger sister s wedding, turning thirty, and her demanding job as personal assistant to Hollywood s sexiest movie star, Drew Stanton, Charlize Charlie Edwards begins to reevaluate her life.
I really liked this book because 1 I m turning 30 as well and 2 I work in the crazy media field too and understand the demands and spoils of it I think Kim Gruenenfelder really knows how to write a female character that you can relate to and want to be friends with and I LOVE that This book is funny with touches of thought provoking moments which is the perfect read.
Kill me now.
Very very good book Want ot readby this author I loved this book, really a LOL one.
The diary entries were so much fun The romance could have been a notch stronger, let s see what happens in book 2 Charlize Charlie Edwards Certainly Knows, In Theory, What It Takes To Lead A Successful And Happy Life She Owns A Nice House In Silverlake, LA S Trendiest Neighborhood She Has Glamorous And Loyal Friends Who Accompany Her To The Hottest Clubs In Town And She Works As The Personal Assistant To Drew Stanton, Hollywood S Sexiest Movie Star But She S Also Turning , Chronically Single, And Faced With Serving As Maid Of Honor At Her Younger Sister S Wedding Charlie Finds Herself Struggling To Juggle The Chaos Of Wedding Planning While Wondering If She Ll Ever Wear The White Dress Herself , Her All Consuming Job For Lunatic Boss Stanton, And A Serious Crush On Jordan, A Photographer On The Set Of Drew S Latest Feature A Man Who Might Actually Return Her Feelings A Page Turner From Start To Finish, A Total Waste of Makeup Puts A Fresh Face On Women S Fiction I came upon this book accidentally, having bumped into the author at a Border s book signing I was lured in with the phrase Stephanie Plum Okay, I thought, this needs to be seen because one does not take the name of Plum in vain Man, am I glad I did.
Kim Gruenenfelder has created really good chick lit Seriously Although popular, Bridget Jones and Rebecca Bloomwood Shopaholic are a couple of neurotic nitwits and popular culture being oriented on the monkey see, monkey do model, so called chick lit is filled with clones of these two bit Cinderellas pining for a rescue and filling the time with self obsession Hey, girls, wanna guess why he s not showing up Charlie Edwards has a brain and uses it She makes a few comment about her weight compared to those around her she s a movie star s assistant, so the Size Two Zoo figures prominently in the calculation And Kim, that s MY phrase Her younger sister is getting married in 3 weeks, a situation that does tend to weigh on the mind of an unmarried sibling And Charlie does investigate the possibilities of a couple or three potential men sometimes comically, sometimes he s the prototypical lying dog and sometimes, it ll break your heart One of the things that really caught my attention was how great the secondary characters were, including the whacko movie star boss I didn t find any cardboard cutouts well, okay, the grandparents were two dimensional, but fun These were complex characters with good and bad characteristics, like the television version of Sex and the City I was braced for Drew Stanton to remain a total fruitcake, but he had moments of genuine caring for those around him that mitigated his flakiness some of which includes an elephant Just buy the book I adored Charlie s great grandmother Mauwv 95 years old and taking no prisoners A note on the blurb compares Charlie to Stephanie Plum, as I mentioned In my mind, she skewedtowards Cannie Shapiro and Jennifer Weiner s characters sane people surrounded by lunatics Charlie is a great connoisseur of Merlot and like one of the better ones, she contains notes of Cannie, certain Plummy depths and a hint of Elizabeth Bennett the first chick lit heroine I didn t read the jacket for Misery Loves Cabernet is that a great title or what , but if Charlie s on board, then so am I And if Charlie s not there, I m sure it ll still be a great read.
I ll make this a quick review and say that this book s a funny read with a bad story The author clearly knows how to slip in humor in almost every scene, but the story was lacking First, the story was very slow Like, I m halfway through the book and there s still nothing happening slow One of the things that kept me going and overlook this was the fact that it was a funny read There were funny scenes and the characters were interesting enough to continue reading about their adventures the problem was that these adventures were very slow in contributing to the storyline Speaking of characters The love interests didn t have much chemistry between them It was awkward in most places And as much as it was meant to be awkward, it s still supposed to be cute awkward, or even there s some tension between us and it s therefore awkward, but we both want each other But it wasn t like that I wasn t even cringing at one point because the awkwardness was justtoo much I just put down the book and shook my head.
And the main character I found her pathetic She thinks of herself as pathetic but the fact that I find her pathetic isn t a good sign She just runs after the guy even when it s clear they have no chemistry, no connection There are the few rare scenes when the two have some great conversation and are a cute little couple, but Jesus Christ these two were just not meant to be These thoughts were what pushed me to finish the book I wanted to see whether or not they would end up together In my opinion, if they ended up together, it would just be weird because they are so not meant to be But if they didn t end up together, this would have truly been a horrible waste of time So I guess curiosity kept me going, and the fact that I liked a lot of the humor Ok, so maybe this wasn t a quick review, but that was a pretty bad book I had to vent.
Sometimes you just have to read a book for the sake of just reading a book save for the fact that you need an escape This is just that book While I was not overly impressed with it, A Total Waste of Makeup by Kim Gruenenfelder allowed me to forget about my own problems for awhile and let me concentrate on Charlize Charlie Edwards issues.
Going back and reviewing the book now for details and substance just left me flat As I sit here and struggle with what to say, maybe that s the whole point Maybe the story is not suppose to be anythingthan a helpful distraction from one s everyday life.
Not everyone is going to be as lucky as Charlie who happens to own her own home, have a great job and fabulous friends But such as it is, Charlie is writing a book of advice for her great grandneice and the pearls of wisdom she shares are not completely far off the mark.
Her antics with finding a man are a bit much, but let s face it, the story takes place in L.
A so I guess some women in L.
A act like that.
I think that some of the funniest moments were her interactions with her boss, Drew Stantion, the movie star His ever changing decor of his trailer and home was OTT and honestly, hilarious.
While I didn t think this was an absolute must have for anyone s library, I will say that A Total Waste of Makeup wasn t a total waste of time, if you take it for a distraction from your own life.