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» Read Ô A Dictionary of Epidemiology by Miquel Porta ¾ I have kept this on my desk throughout my entire research methods course and it has been very helpful in clarifying concepts and simplifying complex topics This Sixth Edition Of A Dictionary of Epidemiology The Most Updated Since Its Inception Reflects The Profound Substantive And Methodological Changes That Have Come To Characterize Epidemiology And Its Associated Disciplines Sponsored By The International Epidemiological Association, This Book Remains The Essential Reference For Anyone Studying Or Working In Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Public Health, Medicine, Or The Growing Number Health Sciences In Which Epidemiologic Competency Is Now Required More Than Just A Dictionary, This Text Is An Essential Guidebook To The State Of The Science It Offers The Most Current, Authoritative Definitions Of Terms Central To Biomedical And Public Health Literature Everything From Confounding And Incidence Rate To Epigenetic Inheritance And Number Needed To Treat As Epidemiology Continues To Change And Grow, A Dictionary of Epidemiology Will Remain Its Book Of Record I think this is a book that every epidemiologist should have.

A bit thick than I have imaged, but it s edition is perfect Especially helpful is the reffence section The are many new words like spillover effect, which are in great debate in this field The reference give us an oppunity to delve into them in detail I have count the reference for the item Epidemiology, which amount to 28 items An excellent resource for any student in public practice.
A must have on the subject.